Tuesday, October 13, 2009

14 months...

It still amazes me how much a baby changes in just one short year. Your daddy and I just look at each other at times and say “How did this happen? He’s a little boy. He’s a little person.”

I have to admit, I miss the cuddle time and rocking you to sleep, but this stage…this stage is my favorite so far. The thing I like most is that you’re starting to communicate with us. You’re not only signing (finally after 8mths of daddy and me signing to you, you’re signing – more and eat!) but you can tell us what you want and you know what we’re talking about when we ask you to do something. You also know when you are doing something you’re not suppose to which has been funny at times (we try not to laugh) but also means that we’ve had to start time-outs. We haven’t had to do many and you honestly have no idea what we’re doing but it’s a start. The main reason for time-outs…hitting Griswald! Anyway, it is so amazing to me because a couple of months ago you weren't walking or communicating and now your walking, playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie, dancing, riding your bike, throwing balls for the pups, climbing up and down the stairs, blowing kisses and TALKING!

Yes, you’re starting to talk. Most people are not going to believe this but your first word was…GOLF! Sure you’ve said DA DA DA and a couple of months ago we were sure your 1st word was going to me dog but no…it was golf. Daddy is so proud! Since saying golf you’ve started to say fish (there are fish at your daycare), DADA (you’re actually looking at him while saying it), and uh-oh. Okay, so I don't know if uh-oh counts as a word but you say it every time you drop something and it’s adorable so I’m counting it. I think you say "that” and “yes” too but they’re not clear. Still no MAMA or Mom or Mommy….Come on already!

We’re starting to wean you from the paci which means no paci during playtime. You love your paci and it breaks my heart when you walk over and point to the shelf we keep it on. I must say, you’re handling it better than I expected. I think the hardest part is going to be when we take it away at naptime and bedtime. Although you still have your tiger blankie, football blankie and George…Yes all three! The first thing you want to do when we get home each day is go up to your room and get them. You love them!

Mealtime has become more difficult, not only because of your allergies but because you’ve become one of those picky toddlers I always read about. You refuse to eat veggies which used to be a favorite of yours. At times, I can get you to eat carrots if they’re dipped in ketchup. You love ketchup. You’d eat it as a side dish if we’d let you. It’s also difficult because you love to throw things – your food, your sippy, your spoon etc. Oh! And you want to feed yourself which is adorable. You dip your spoon into your food and bring it to your month. Problem – there’s no food on the actual spoon. It’s cute because you’re so proud of yourself. I’ve learned a trick - you have a spoon and I have a spoon…or two.

You’ve started brushing your teeth on your own (okay so we still help a little) but you sit on the bathroom floor with me and we brush our teeth together. You love it and I love that you love it. You have 12 teeth and I want to make sure they stay cavity free!

As for toys, you love your golf clubs. Every ball is a golf ball. You even called the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch – golf. Another favorite of yours recently is your blocks. I love watching you try to stack them. And you love the laundry basket. You climb in and we use it as a race car. You scream with laughter as we race room to room.

A favorite time of day for me is when I go to pick you up from daycare. I quietly open the door and just stand there until you notice me. I do this because I love to see you play with other children and to see your personality without me there. It only takes about 15 seconds for you to realize I’m there but it’s enough. It’s enough for me to take it all in and for me to see that you are truly your own little person. You, Camden, are an amazing little boy!

Other things you love/Cute things you do:

- Reading books. I find you in your room, flipping through books and making noises like you’re reading.

- Going for walks. You’re starting to want to actually walk instead of riding in the stroller.

- Playing with the pups.

- Balloons

- Every time daddy starts the car – you wave bye-bye. Even if we’re just waiting for him to pull out of the garage.

- You walk to your chair when I ask if you want a snack.

- Dancing – we love to dance together. Sometimes when I’m driving I look in the mirror and see you moving to the music. You’re so cute!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

We headed to the pumpkin patch today with Hannah, Jason, Julie and Lou. The kids seemed to have a great time. I love this time of year. Here are some pictures from our day...