Monday, September 29, 2008

Cool Website...

While reading Parents magazine, I came across an ad for - an online calendar. I decided to check it out because I've been looking for a way to keep Brian and I organized on what we have going on especially since the hockey season has started. I've tried the calendar on the fridge and it doesn't work. We both keep things on Outlook at work. The great thing about this online calendar is that you can sync it to Outlook! Oh - and you can start/keep your grocery list (or other lists) on the website and if you forget to print it can text it to your phone. Anyway, Brian and I are going to try it out. - Just thought I'd share.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday afternoon it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was fine all morning but then around 1:30pm I started to feel sick. Abbey stopped by to visit on her way back to Decatur and I just kept telling her that I felt nauseous. After she left I laid on the couch with Camden and started to fall asleep when all of a sudden...I couldn't even make it to the bathroom! I spent the rest of the afternoon calling Brian (who was golfing) hoping he would check is phone. How was I going to make it though the rest of the day? No one tells you how to take care of a newborn when you can barely stand or take care of yourself. Needless to say, we made it through. Brian got home around 7pm and I immediately handed Cam over to him and went straight to bed. Around 11pm Brian said Camden needed to be feed and told me he was starting to feel sick. Anyway, Brian and I were sick the entire night. This morning when I took our temps - mine was 100.4 and B's was 100.9. My fever finally broke around 1pm and I started to feel fine, Brian however, now had a temperature of 101.9! The good news is Camden seems to be fin - I've been taking his temperature all day. Hopefully Brian starts to feel better soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I finally got some pictures of Camden smiling while trying to take pictures for his birth announcement (I'm a little behind). I couldn't get a full face smile out of him but I hope to get that on camera soon. I thought these were cute so I just had to share them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Smile...

Finally! Yes, Camden finally smiled a really smile!! It happened yesterday morning. You would think that he would have smiled at me, his mom. The person he sees the most but no. He smiled at Brian. I was there. I was in the middle of feeding him. He just got done burping and he seemed to be in a good mood. I was talking and singing to him...trying to get him to smile. Brian walked in to say bye before leaving for work and he started talking to him and all of a sudden we saw this huge full face smile! It was the most precious thing. He them gave me a half face smile when Brian left. He didn't really smile again until Brian got home last night. Brian was holding him and he smiled again.

Hello Camden you should be smiling for mommy! I'm the one who carried you for NINE MONTHS and I the one who has been anxiously awaiting your first smile!! Okay - Daddy was too but I'm the mom and the one home with you all the time!! It's okay. I'm looking forward to seeing a lifetime of those smiles!! Can't wait until you're doing it on a regular basis so I can get some pics!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A First...

Camden fell asleep in his crib all by himself. I put him in the crib with his mobile and music on so I could fold clothes. After a while I realize he hadn't started to cry. I looked in and he was asleep.
I had to take a picture!
I also attached a picture we took yesterday. I was rocking him and he started sucking his thumb! So cute! Although, I hope he doesn't start doing this on a regular basis!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back to school...

Towards the end of last year I talked to my manager about going back to school to earn a Certificate of Accounting Concentration. I had done some research and found that Columbus State offered this program so instead of earning an MBA which I started in Indy, it would be like I had double majored in business: marketing and accounting. I would basically just be fulfilling the accounting requirements. This would take less time than an MBA and get me to the same point – credits needed to take the CPA if I ever decided to and the ability to get a better accounting position. Anyway, right after I found this information I found out I was pregnant and that changed everything. I had a difficult time concentrating in class one I got engaged - there was no way I was going to take classes while preparing for Camden's arrival! Now that Camden is here I’ve started thinking about it again. But is this what I truly want to do or do I want to start doing the wedding planning? And do I want to dedicate the time to it? I would only take one class a quarter (love the quarter system) so four or five classes a year and it should only take two years but that’s time taken away from our family. I'm already having a hard time knowing that I have to go back to work soon. The idea of leaving him for most of the day - I don't want to think about it. Between class time, time for homework and studying…What if I was at class and Camden decided that was the night to start crawling or say his first word? Or is now the right time since he's so small. When he's older we'll be doing more things together and it may be more difficult. Plus, going back would mean more work for Brian. He would have to be the one taking care of Camden while I was in class. The up side it that completing this certificate would mean better opportunities in the future and it would give me more confidence in what I am doing. I’m not sure what to do. The good thing is it’s too late to decide this quarter because classes are starting. I think I’ll take the first step and meet with an advisor in the program. I'd like to see what classes will transfer from OSU and IUPUI and how much time will need to be dedicated. I’ll let you know what I decide.

Friday, September 12, 2008

One Month Old...

I can’t believe you’re one month old…okay a few days past but we’re going through some sleeping issues which I’ll explain later so I was unable to get on the computer. This past month has been a roller coaster of emotions: happy, terrified, excited, exhausted, proud (I could go on). I still can’t believe you are finally here with us. Life has definitely changed but in a good…a great way. I mean we’re still the same people we were a month ago, we still hang out with friends (you’ve been to so many places already), go out to dinner and do what we normally did but we have you to make everything more meaningful. Your daddy went back to work when you were around 10 days old. It was so hard for him to leave us but when he got home…the look on his face was priceless. He loves you so much and was so happy to see you.

My favorite time with you is late at night when you finish eating. I sit there rocking you and just stare at you while you’re sleeping in my arms. Sometimes you’re still awake and you’ll open one or both eyes to make sure I’m still there. I just hold you and reflect on the past 10 months and think about the future. I know it sounds funny but you’re growing up so fast! You’ve changed so much in the past month. You’re much more aware of what’s going on around you and I find you staring at things like you’re taking it all in. One of your favorite things to stare at is your Uncle Pat’s painting that’s hanging above our couch. It’s a painting of a guy playing poker with a girl sitting next to him. I hope this means you’re going to be interested in art and not gambling! You’ve also started making faces which are adorable but I’m still anxiously awaiting your first “real” smile. Hopefully we’ll be seeing this sometime soon. I can tell you’re wanting to but it’s just not there yet. You’re also staying awake longer which gives us time to bond. We read to you a lot and you seem to like your activity mat (even if it’s only for about 2 minutes). You stare at the butterflies and cow that are hanging from it. Another one of your favorite things is… ME! You’re favorite sleeping position is diagonal across my belly and chest. You rest your head on my shoulder and fall asleep. It seems to be the only position that calms you and when I try to put you down in your crib, pack N play or bassinet…you wake up. I have to admit - I love the fact that you want to be with me and I’m trying to enjoy every moment because I know eventually things will change but there are times when I need to be able to put you down…Like at 3am or when I want to check my email, or wash dishes etc. I’ll be working from home for a few weeks so we’ll have to work on this.

Other exciting things that happened this month:
You got to meet your Uncle Pat, Aunt Maya and Cousin Zane - You had your first photo shoot with Aunt Maya.
You met your Grandma Ziegman. She came in from Arizona and stayed for 8 days. We had lots of fun and she spoiled you the entire time.
You watched (okay slept through) your 1st OSU game.
You went on your first road trip - We went to Grandma and Grandpa Laurents!!

Go Bucks!!!

First OSU game

Bonding with the pups

Camden and Grandma Ziegman

Camden and Grandma Laurent
Camden and Grandpa Adams

Camden and Grandpa Laurent