Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ethan - 6 months

Ethan –

Happy half birthday little man! I can’t believe you’re six months old today. This year is just flying by. You’re now 19lbs 1 oz and 28 in. long. You’re wearing 9mth and some 12mth clothing. Big boy!

You started this month off with another tooth. Your second tooth popped through on the August 5th. Yes, you now have two adorable bottom teeth and you love to show them off!

You are a little guy who wants to be involved in everything and know what is going on at all times. Feeding you has become quite challenging because of this. You get distracted so easily and I’ve found you nurse best in your nursery and where it’s quiet. However, If Camden comes in you stop nursing and look around to see what he’s doing. It’s cute seeing the two of you bonding, but you need to eat….and sleep. Napping is pretty much nonexistent at daycare. You’ve decided two half hour naps are enough for you during the day. You’d rather be down playing with everyone.

I’ve been looking forward to you being able to sit up unassisted and that time has finally come. You topple over every now and then, but I don’t feel like I need to keep the boppy around you all the time. I can sit you down with some toys and you’re happy….most of the time.

This month you experienced your second ear infection. I really hope they don’t become a regular occurrence. Your ears seem to drain well so I’m hoping you don’t need to get tubes like your big brother.

This month you helped your big brother celebrate his 3rd birthday. You sported a Mater onesie, per Camden’s request, and seemed to love all the attention you received at his party. Grandma Ziegman flew in for his birthday weekend and had you laughing the entire time. I’m glad you two got a chance to hang out.

Your favorite activities include bath time, hanging out in your jumperoo and singing with Mommy. Bath time is a new favorite activity of yours and mine. I still put you in your infant tub but, since you are able to sit up now, you have discovered how fun splashing can be. I love watching you play and splash in the water and listening to your little giggles.

We took our third and final trip to the lake for the summer at the end of August. You seem to enjoy the boat a little more each time we go. Your favorite part of the weekend had to be when we visited Aunt Beth and Uncle Dan. We met them at the park near their house one afternoon. You loved sitting in the lake, splashing and playing with the toy shovel.

You and your brother seem to bond more and more each day. Camden loves to hold you and give you hugs. If you’re napping and he’s not, he comes to me and says, “Mommy, I want my baby brother”. One day, I found him in your room, trying to wake you up. Adorable!

You are becoming such a little man. I can’t wait to see what this next month brings!


Other fun things:
1. Moved from the carrier to the big boy seat in your stroller.
2. Went to the Marysville Hot Air Balloon fair with Keira, Brandon and Aiden
3. New babysitter - AJ

4. Swing in baby swing at the park