Friday, December 7, 2012

Camden - 4 + years

Camden -
It’s been a really, really, really long time since my last letter to you…1.5yrs – WAY TO LONG!  I am so sorry! Where did the time go? I’m going to squeeze everything in and promise to start writing you more often!
Where do I begin? I’m sitting here looking at you and am amazed how much you’ve grown and changed over the past year (and a half). You completed preschool in August, you are now in Pre-K with Ms. Grace and you love it! Anytime you meet someone new you tell them your age, your “grade” and you show them your shoes. Funny!

We recently celebrated your 4th birthday (okay so it was 4 months ago). You had a “James” themed party this year. Why a James and not a simple Thomas the Train party? Because James is red like Lightening McQueen and since you had a Cars themed 3rd birthday party you couldn’t have a Cars themed 4th birthday. Not my choice – your choice. I offered and you said no.

You obviously still love trains and cars, but you’re slowly moving into the super hero phase. You were Spiderman for Halloween this year (adorable) and we just bought you Spiderman shoes. You are anxiously awaiting Christmas and your Christmas list is getting longer and longer. The cute thing is that you always say,  “and one for Ethan”.  I’m not sure if you’re saying this because you really want him to have one or if it’s because you don’t want to share yours J
Your Christmas list consists of a Jake and the Neverland Pirates bath toy, Cars 2 airplane, Batman Cave, a black racecar for Ethan, a fishing pole for Mommy, “Where the Wild Thing’s Are” book, more trains, cars, racetracks, ninja turtles and power rangers.

We’re starting some new traditions this Christmas and so far you are really enjoying them. First, we’re doing an advent calendar that’s full of fun family activities. Second, Buddy the Elf has come to visit.
You recently started a basketball class with your buddy, Andrew. You’re so excited about this class and have such a great jump shot already! Basketball has always been one of your favorite sports. Your daddy and I really enjoyed watching you at your first session. At one point, you wanted me to come out and help you. After about five minutes, you looked up and said “Can Daddy come back out and help me?”.  Guess you don’t like my coaching skills!

You’ve been fully potty trained for about a year now – Although we’re still working on the wiping thing…. You are so good about getting up in the middle of the night and going potty. Until about two months ago, you used to wake us up to tell us you had to go. We finally told you, you didn’t need permission and now you just go on your own...Nice!
I love hearing about your day and what you have learned. Most of the time when we ask you what you did at school you respond by saying, “I played”, but we’re typically able to pry some additional information from you over dinner.

You’re all boy – sports, cars, trains, wrestling, jumping, dirt etc. You have an adorable personality and you’re so full of love. You’re also an amazing big brother and I can tell that you care for your little brother even though you two fight most of the time! You always get a big grin on your face when he walks into your classroom and you always yell “Ethan” and show him off to your friends. At home, you two are still learning how to play together. Hopefully this improves as Ethan get older! 
Well big guy, you continue to amaze me every day. I love watching you learn and grow. Although some phases are more enjoyable than others, I would not trade any moments we spend together. I am looking forward to the Fabulous Fives though…Ha! Love you!
Love - Mommy
4 Year Old Interview:
Favorite Color – Red
Favorite Toy – Lightening McQueen
Favorite Show – Spiderman
Favorite Sport- Basketball
Favorite thing about your brother – Playing with him
Favorite Animal  at the Zoo – Monkey
Favorite Song  - Life is a Highway
Favorite thing to sleep with – Baby Monkey and lots of blankets
What do you want to be when you grow up – Basketball player
Favorite Book – Fly Guy – The football one.
Favorite Fruit – Blueberries
Favorite Holiday – Christmas
Favorite thing to do outside – Play with my race cars

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ethan - 19 months

Ethan –

Hey little guy! I can’t believe you’re 19 months old already!! You have changed so much since my last letter. First, you’ve mastered walking and have almost mastered running! You have a cute little run – I’m not sure you actually bend your knees, but it works. Stairs are no match for you. I always make you turn around and scoot down on your belly, but you prefer to walk down the stairs (which scares me). You’ve fallen down the stairs more times than I care to remember, but that hasn’t stopped you. You are very independent.  In fact, you hate holding hands and hate being carried. You would rather walk on your own.

You’ve started  cuddling more and more, which makes me happy! There’s actually been a couple of times where you’ve napped while I’ve sat in the rocking chair holding you. This never happened when you were a little baby! I love it!

You’ve been signing for some time, but now you’re actually starting to talk and you have the cutest little voice! So far you’ve said -ball (1st word), Mama, Dada, thank you (so cute), more, cracker, apple, car, truck, yes and Elmo (all the time) and your two favorite words as of this week – NO and MINE! Oh the fun we are having!

As for interests – you love books, Elmo, blocks, cars, trucks, and trains. I love that you bring me books and want me to read to you.  Again, something I missed out on the first year - you never wanted me to read to you!

Your eating habits haven’t really improved since my last letter. You are picky – fruit (apples, oranges and berries), hotdogs, plain crackers and milk…Oh and ketchupJ. Those are the only things you will eat consistently. You’ll eat pizza about 90% of the time and chicken nuggets maybe 50% of the time. Please, please, please start eating. You’re stressing me out and you’re cranky when you’re hungry.

You are a daddy’s boy most of the time, but you do have your mommy moments! As far as your personality, I’ve always said you are more like me. You want what you want when you want it. You’re high strung most of the time and relaxed only some of the time. You’re OCD about some things, like closing doors and shutting draws ( I can’t even unload the dishwasher around you). You’re a morning person like I am – although, please know, it is OKAY to sleep in on the weekends! You do not need to wake up between 6-6:30am on Saturdays or Sundays- 7am is early enough! You are an adorable little guys and I love you and your brother more that you will ever know.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ethan - 1 Year

Ethan's One Year Video
Ethan -

When you were first born everyone commented on how much you looked like your brother but over this past year, you’ve come into your own. You are your own person in every way. You are my little sandy blonde haired, blue eyed boy. You are a challenge at times, but you are also so loving and happy. You don’t cry…you scream and you have from day one. You know what you want and you do whatever it takes to get it. You are not much of a cuddler, but you love to be by me and with me. You’re a momma’s boy and I love it.     

 Food is one of your favorite things. If I had to list your favorite foods I say they are chicken nuggets, hotdogs, blueberries and strawberries. Getting you to eat vegetables continues to be a challenge. Basically the only time you eat vegetables is when we have pasta or when I give you fruit/veggie pouches.   

You are such a loud crawler. It’s fun to hear the pitter patter of your little hands and knees hitting the floor. You have this “monster” crawl you do, where you raise your arm up high and slam it to the ground when you crawl.

The stairs are no longer an obstacle for you…going up anyway. Whenever you head towards the stairs, I say “Ethan, no” and you just look at me and smile or laugh and start climbing your way up them. When I walk over and grab you, you start laughing hysterically. So cute!  

You’re walking your way around the furniture and I’m sure you be walking around the house in no time. In fact, you took 1 ½ steps on your birthday… straight to me!

Your 1st birthday fell on a Friday. I was a little upset that I wasn’t able to spend your entire birthday with you, but I was able to take ½ the day off work and pick you up early from daycare. When I arrived at your daycare, your class was just about to dig into your birthday cookies. I was very happy that I was able to share this “mini” celebration with you.

Aunt Maya, Uncle Pat, Zane and Jude arrive shortly after we got home and we spend the rest of your birthday hanging out and visiting with them. Saturday morning we woke up, had pancakes and you played with Camden and your cousins while I got things ready for your party.

We decided to have a small party with family and a few close friends. Even though it was a small party, I put a lot of planning into it. I wanted it to be perfect, but simple and it was.

The biggest party of any 1st birthday is the cake of course. I was eager to see how you would react to yours since you loved the cookie the day before. Your reaction was not what I expected. You hated it. You wanted nothing to do with it. Oh, well - Maybe next year. Your brother and your cousin loved the cupcakes!

It’s still hard to believe you’re one year old already. I look at you and your brother and think about all the fun things the future holds. I'm exicted for the future, but don't want to rush it as the same time. 
Happy Birthday Little Man!
Love you,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ethan - 11 Months

Ethan -

This has been an unusual winter. It’s been warm and it’s barely snowed outside. I was looking forward to playing with you and Camden outside in the snow (for like 5 minutes since I hate the cold), but so far we have not been able to. Hopefully we will have one good snow day before spring starts! 

A new year brings on many changes! The biggest change for you – We moved you and Camden into the same bedroom. I have to admit I was a little emotional about this. Your nursery was honestly my favorite room in our house (now it’s daddy’s office) and the idea of not rocking you (for the 20 seconds you typically allow me to) made me sad. However, once I read a few articles about room sharing and saw the look on Camden’s face when I asked if he wanted to share his room with you, I felt better about the change.

The first week or so was challenging. You like to sleep in complete darkness with only the sound of the ocean in the background. Your brother, however, wants the door wide open, with the hallway light on. In addition, he likes to yell for Mommy and Daddy for many reasons (water, bathroom, etc), when it’s time to go to bed. This bothered you at first, but you’ve quickly adjusted and now the two of you seem to be happy sharing a room. My only worry now is you keeping Camden up when we finally decided to take your paci away. I guess it will be payback, right?

This new year has brought many changes for you developmentally as well. You are now pulling yourself up and standing while holding on to furniture. This has been a little bit of an adjustment, because your favorite thing to do is grab anything and everything you can and throw it to the floor. This includes cups that are full of milk!

You are also crawling up the stairs! Until now you would crawl to the stairs and stop – not anymore! Sometimes you crawl over to the stairs, pull yourself into a standing position, and stare at me. I‘ll say no, you will smile and start up the stairs. I’ll grab you and depending on your mood, you’ll either give me a playful laugh or start screaming because you’re mad. 

This month you’ve decided to eat everything except pureed baby food. This causes a little problem because you hate vegetables, especially carrots. I hate the thought of you not eating a balanced meal, but you’re still breastfeeding twice a day and taking formula twice a day so I guess I should not worry too much.

You have the most precious little voice and you’re starting to use it more and more. Currently you say DA DA DA DA most of the time. Let’s get this clear, you have actually said the word DADA, it just sounds like it. J

I can’t believe you’ll be one in just a few short weeks. My little baby is growing up! I’m excited for what’s to come, but sad to see you growing up so fast.

Love you –


Monday, January 23, 2012

Ethan - 10 months!

Ethan -

You're 10 months old today! I can’t believe it!  So what were you up to this month? We’ll you’ve master crawling and have actually become quite a little speedster. I love hearing the pitter-patter of your little knees and hands hitting the floor when you’re on your way to wherever it is you’re wanting to go. Now that you’re mobile, it’s exciting to see what you’re actually interested in. Before, I would sit toys next to you for you to play with. Now, you just go and start playing with the toys you like. So far, your favorite toys happen to be race cars and trains - just like your big brother. Daddy and I bought you your very own Thomas the Train for Christmas, but you are still more interested in Camden’s.
Your love for music is adorable. Anytime you hear music or any type of rhythmic beat, you sit and bounce.    

We moved you into the big boy bathtub this month. You love the water and since you’ve master sitting and crawling, I thought it was time. Camden was excited about this, too. I was a little nervous about having the two of you in the bath together, but Camden’s been very good with you in the tub.

The month of December is always busy and this year was no different. Our month started off with your Daddy’s big work conference. Once the show was over, we finally had time to go cut down our Christmas tree!!! This is a tradition we started on Camden’s first Christmas. I hope you enjoy it more next year than you did this year!

The following weekend we headed to Lorain to celebrate Christmas with your Grandpa Adams. We had such a wonderful time hanging out with the Adams’ side of our family. They all adore you and I always love seeing you and Camden with your Grandpa Adams.

The following Friday your Grandma and Grandpa Ziegman flew in from Phoenix for a weeklong visit. I picked them up from the airport around midnight. They were so anxious to see you and Camden so I let them sneak in to your bedrooms for just a second to see you. On Sunday we headed over to Indy to have a Christmas celebration with the Ziegman’s at Eric and Jenny’s house. I was nervous about driving there and back with you in one day, but you were a champ and it didn’t seem to faze you at all. The following night we headed to the zoo with G&G Ziegman and your Great-Aunt Gloria, to see the lights. It was a beautiful winter night. Your daddy had so much fun taking pictures and your brother loved seeing all the lights. You had a great time too. Okay, so you fell asleep, but you enjoyed it for a little bit.

Your G&G Ziegman left on the 22nd and we headed to Decatur the next day to celebrate Christmas with the Laurent side of our family.

I was so excited for your 1st Christmas and wanted everything to be perfect. You’ll soon realize that I have this habit of envisioning how I want an event/holiday to go. Most of the time it doesn’t go as planned and I sometimes get upset…I’m trying to work on this. I really am. But luckily, this wasn’t the case on Christmas Eve/Day. We had such a wonderful time laughing and hanging out with family. I have a list of things I like to do on Christmas Eve. They include: opening one gift (PJs), watching a Christmas movie, reading “The Night Before Christmas” and writing Santa a quick note to go along with his milk and cookies. You were able to stay up for the letter to Santa, but decided you were too tired for the rest so I decided to put you to bed, but not before putting you and your brother in matching PJs!

Christmas morning, Daddy and I woke up to your brother making some funny noises. Your Daddy rolled over and said,” I think  we have an excited 3 year”. Camden was so anxious to go out to the living room to see what Santa left under the tree. I started a new tradition this year – one that you will probably hate when you’re a little older - you and Camden have to hug and let me take a picture of you both before opening any presents.

You weren’t very interested in opening presents, but you were very excited about climbing on them and playing with everything Camden opened. After opening presents, Grandma Laurent made breakfast and we headed to church. You were so good in church (can’t say that for your brother), but you didn’t want anyone to hold you except me. I’m so happy you love me so much! After church your Uncle Pat, Aunt Maya and cousins arrived. It’s never quite with four little guys running around! Zane and Camden kept yelling at you and Jude because you both kept messing up their race track. Soon, the two of you will be right there playing along with them.

Last year, I dreamt of what Christmas would be like this year with my two little guys. I was looking forward to this magical holiday all year and it turned out to be even better than I could have imagined. I love you and your brother more than I could ever put into words.

Love, Mommy

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ethan - 9 Months!!!

Ethan -

Hi Big Guy! You’re nine months old already. You’re stats for this month - You are now 20 pds 2 oz and 29.5 in. You’re getting so big and this year is just flying by. I can’t believe you’ll be one in just a few short months.

This month was a fun and exciting month! We were traveling and starting our holiday season festivities. We started this month off by attending two first birthday parties in one weekend. First, we headed over to Indianapolis to help your big cousin Jude celebrate his first birthday. We stayed the night at Uncle Pat and Aunt Maya’s then headed back to home in time to attend Reese’s first birthday party. You’ll see by the picture below that Reese’s tutu kept hitting you in the face. So cute!
Reese and Ethan - tutu in the face
On November 20th we took a family trip to Connersville, Indiana to ride the Polar Express. We had such a wonderful family day. The train ride was so fun. We enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies (by we I mean me, Daddy and Camden), talked to the conductor, saw Santa and enjoyed singing some Christmas songs.

Daddy and Ethan having fun on the Polar Express
Ethan and his ticket
My boys on the Polar Express
The following weekend was Thanksgiving. This year, your Grandpa Adams came to our home for Thanksgiving Day dinner. You had such a wonderful time playing with him and showing him your new crawling skills. We spent the rest of the weekend in Indiana with your Grandma and Grandpa Laurent. As always, we had an exciting time hanging out with them, your aunt and uncle and your cousins. Four little boys in one house are so fun!  I think Zane and Camden had the most fun, but  you and Jude will be joining in soon enough!

Grandpa Adams having fun with is boys.

Camden and Zane having fun at Grandma & Grandpa Laurent's
Milestones for the month - On November 4th, you started crawling…backwards. You just could not figure out how to go forward the first few days. However, you figured it out pretty quickly and on November 7th you started crawling “officially”. Now you’re on the move and getting faster every day.   

You had two new teeth come in this month. Two new top teeth came through on the 16th and then two new bottom teeth popped through on Thanksgiving.

You still love food, but towards the end of this month, I tried introducing foods with more texture and you were not happy. All you'll eat are pureed foods. If I get you to open your month for other foods, you spit it out at me and shake your head no. This is just one of many ways you and your brother differ. He loved all foods from the start. I thought you were going to be the same way, but you've decided to be the picky one! It's okay, one day you'll decide to start eating other foods. I'm mean, you there's no way you'll be eating pureed foods when you're 10...right?

You and your brother are starting to play more and more now that you're crawling. When I say play, I mean you take his toys while he's playing with them, he then gets upset and takes his toy back. Most of the time he looks at you and tells you your too small for his toys. It's very cute - you're big brother's looking out for you! If only that were the case! After he takes your toy, he pushes you over or tackles you and ends up in a time out. Daddy and I keep reminding him that  you'll be bigger one day and will remember how mean he's been to you.....

Mommy trying to take a picture of just Ethan

My boys!

I'm looking foward to this coming month when we celbrate your 1st Christmas!

I love you,

Other exciting things:
1.       November 12th weekend - Family trip to Kalahari Indoor Water Park. We had so much fun. You and your brother love the water.

2.       November 15th – Surgery. You had tubes put in.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ethan - 8 Months

Ethan –

Hi big boy! You’re now 8 months old and becoming such a little mover! Although you’re not exactly crawling yet, you’re able to get where you want to go. You have this way of moving around in a full circle and scooting your little booty on the floor while you do it. When you get close to what you want, you reach out and if you can’t reach it, you scoot some more. On October 15th, you moved from the sitting position to lying on your belly. You quickly learned that it’s quicker to roll to what you want then scoot. Daddy and I were very excited when you began trying to push up to the crawling position. Those arms are strong enough yet, but they will be soon!

Look at those teeth!
Lock up your daughters!

This was a month full of friends and family. We attended Mia Johnston’s 2nd birthday party, had a fun weekend at the lake house with Will, Mandy and Hudson, attended Shao-Lin and Matt’s baby shower, had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Laurent and had fun with Grandpa Adams on Halloween.

The weekend at the lake with Will, Mandy, and Hudson was very relaxing. It was raining and cold so we stayed in most of the weekend, although Daddy and Camden fished for a little while (Camden caught his first fish!). Hudson is a few months older than you, but the two of you are pretty much the same size. I really enjoyed seeing the two of you play together. I think he’s the one that motivated you to try to start crawling!

Halloween didn’t go as I envisioned. One of Camden’s favorite shows is “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” so per his request, we all dressed up as pirates - even Winston had a pirate hat! I was excited for us all to go trick-or-treating together, but you woke up with a high fever. We kept you home from daycare and Grandpa Adams kept an eye on you for the day. After work I decided to take you in to your doctor. He diagnosed you with a throat infection. Poor little guy, you were in no mood for celebrating. I did manage to get a couple of pictures of you in your costume before putting you to bed.

You and your brother have to be the cutest little boys. Yes, I am bias but really you two are so cute! I love watching you two play and bond. Camden just adores you. One day this month, I was cooking (yes, I do cook occasionally) and I heard a squeal. My heart skipped a beat, I thought Camden pushed you over or something, but to my surprise when I peaked in I realized the squeal wasn’t out of pain or fear. You were laughing hysterically at your brother. He was running back and forth in front of you and you thought it was the funniest thing. So cute! I’m excited to see how the two of you interact when you actually start crawling!

I’m looking forward to all the changes ahead of us. I am so lucky to have you!



Other exciting things:
1. Boo at the Zoo

2. 1st hayride and trip to the pumpkin patch