Friday, August 22, 2008

Adjusting to Life with a Newborn…

The two weeks have gone by so fast. I can’t believe Camden is already 2 weeks old! Here’s some highlights of the past two weeks…

Day 1 -
We arrived home Sunday around 12:30pm. Your daddy carried you in so I could say hi to the pups. They were so excited to see me and to see you. They sniffed your feet and gave them a little kiss. While daddy was carrying in all the things from the hospital, I had to change your diaper - picture this…me changing your diaper while you’re screaming and kicking, Winston’s barking hysterically because your crying and Griswald jumping up (with a hurt leg) trying to see what’s going on. I’m yelling at both dogs because I want them to calm down and yelling for your dad to come help because I’m afraid Griswald’s going to re-injure his leg.

First Diaper Change at Home

As for the first night, I have to admit it was pretty rough. Neither your daddy nor I slept but we were still running on pure adrenaline so it didn’t seem to bother us. We were just worried that we were doing something wrong. Your diapers keep leaking which meant we had to keep changing not only your diapers but your clothes…which you absolutely hate at the moment. We went through about 4-5 outfits the first night. Who knew changing diapers would be so difficult? We seem to be getting the hang of it now. I think we were just so afraid if hurting you circumcision and umbilical cord.

Day 5 -
Which brings me to our first medical emergency - well that’s what I thought it was at the time. You were just 5 days old and your umbilical cord got caught by the diaper (you kick and scream during most diaper changes) and tore a little. It was just hanging there. I was holding you closely, crying, thinking I hurt you. I made your daddy call the pediatrician. When he called back he assured us this was fine unless blood was gushing – which it wasn’t. I felt better but was still upset. Later that night the entire thing fell off and you didn’t even seem to care.

Day 7 -
Your 1st trip to OSU! Your daddy and I decided to take you down to campus to take pictures with some Brutus statues on display.

Day 11 –
Last night was a hard night for me. You seem to sleep much better in your crib than you do in the bassinet so we decided to let you sleep in your own room. I have to admit, I kept getting up to check on you even though I had the monitor right next to me. I wish I could just hold you the entire night!

Today – Day 12 – Busy Day
This morning I gave you your first real bath. You seemed to enjoy it much better than your sponge baths. You didn’t cry at all, in fact you seemed really relaxed…so relax that while I was trying to figure out how to use the video camera (which never happened) you decided to poop! It was hilarious! Gross but hilarious! After I got everything cleaned up I called your daddy to tell him what happened. I wish he could have been home to help.

Today you had your second pediatrician appointment. Your doctor said you’re perfect! You’ve gained all your weight back and you are now 9pd 11oz and 21.5 inches long. You’re in the 75th percentile in weight and height! I knew you were getting bigger.

This evening we are taking our first road trip. I’ve been packing for it all day – trying to make sure I don’t forget anything. We’re heading to Decatur for the weekend to see your Grandma and Grandpa Laurent and you’re going to get to meet your Aunt Maya, Uncle Pat, and Cousin Zane for the first time. I’m so excited for them to meet you!

Me and my boys!!!
Winston and Camden

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Story of Your Birth...

Thursday, August 7th started off just like any other day – I woke up, went to work and arrived home around 5:30pm. I put dinner in the oven and did some house work while waiting for your daddy to get home. Our plan for the night was to finish your room (hang a shelf and some pictures) and finishing up some thank you cards we needed to get out. Once your daddy arrived home, we sat on the couch to relax for a minute while waiting for the oven timer to go off. When it did, I got up to take the casserole out but instead headed straight to the bathroom. What just happened? Did my water just break? I came out of the bathroom and your dad asked if my water broke. My response was no, my bladder’s just leaking. While walking upstairs to change, I felt more fluid leaking and decided that we should probably call the doctor. After speaking to the doctor we were told to head to the hospital. While I sat in the bathroom freaking out, your dad stayed calm. He loaded up the car and went next door to ask the neighbors to watch over Griswald (who just had surgery) and Winston while went to the hospital. He asked if I wanted to eat dinner before heading out because that was the one thing I told him I would want to do but with all the excitement and the emotions I told him all I wanted to do was go the hospital and he needed to hurry up!

Once we arrived at the hospital, we were taken up the maternity floor and about 20 minutes later we were admitted into the hospital. My bladder was not leaking – my water had broken!! It was official; you were one your way!! Once we were in our room, the nurse hooked me up to two monitors; one to monitor your heart rate and one to monitor my contractions. She told me that I would have to get up and walk around after we woke you up, this would help the labor progress. She made me eat ice chips and a popsicle but you still wouldn’t wake up. Then while checking to see how much I progressed she noticed that you may have had a bowel movement because of this they had to monitor your heat rate by putting a monitor on your head. This was probably the scariest moment for me. The nurse assured me that you were fine and I tried not to think about all the things I had read about this. A few hours after we were admitted Grandma and Grandpa Laurent arrived and Grandpa Adams and Great-Grandma Adams arrive about an hour after that.

Your daddy was so great during the entire process. He was encouraging me, breathing with me and rubbing my back. However, once the contractions got stronger I told him to just sit in the chair and do nothing. He wasn’t allowed to talk to me, touch me or breathe with me during contractions. I told him to just sit and watch the Browns game (with no sound). Once I was dilated to 5cm, the nurse asked if I would like to have the epidural. I couldn’t believe that were giving it to me so soon. I thought I was supposed to be in horrible pain before receiving it. This was nothing - Not to say that I wasn’t in pain, I just expected the pain to be worse that what it was. After a long night of doing nothing and waiting for your arrive the nurse came in around 5am and said it was time to start pushing! I was so excited but so nervous. The nurse called the doctor….and called the doctor…and called the doctor. Finally at 6:50am I had your dad go tell the nurse that I couldn’t wait any longer…I had to start pushing. Finally, she said okay and the doctor was on her way. The pushing wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. Your dad and Grandma Laurent helped me through this process. At one point I actually hit your dad because a contraction was coming on and he wasn’t there to hold my leg. I yelled and told him he needed to pay attention. He was so sweet about it. Looking back it’s kind of funny. The last 20 minutes of pushing was the worst part. I was tired and hot and just ready for you to come out. After about 14 hours of labor which included an hour and a half of pushing you finally decided it was time! You were born at 8:14am on 08/08/08. You weighed in at 9pds 6oz and you were 21in long and you were absolutely perfect! As soon as you were born they put you on my stomach and I watched your daddy cut the umbilical cord. I’m looking at your sleeping in your swing right now and I still can’t believe you’re here and you’re ours. I love you so much!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camden's here!!

I'll write more later and post some pictures but I just wanted to let everyone know he's here and he's perfect! Camden J Laurent was born August 8th at 8:14am. He's 9pounds 6ounces and 21 inches long. I can't wait for everyone to meet him!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One week from today...

Well, you are officially due one week from today. I have to be honest, your dad and I are ready for you to come…now! However, we understand that you are on your own timetable and you’ll come when you’re ready or when the doctor decides it’s time. We’re just so excited to finally have you with us - excited to hold you, excited to meet you, excited to get to know you. Your dad has been reading to you but I know he’s looking forward to sitting with you while he reads to you instead of just looking (and poking) at my belly. I have an appointment today at 1:45pm. We’re hoping the doctor says there is at least a little more progress.

As much as I want you here with us, I think I’m going to miss feeling you move around. Everyone laughs or asks what’s wrong because my hands are basically glued to my belly 24/7. I love feeling you move…and you move a lot. The movements aren’t as strong as they were a few weeks ago because you’re running out of room but they’re still there and still make me smile.

Well, hopefully you make your entrance into the world sometime this week. We’d love to be able to have you home by this weekend!