Monday, February 27, 2012

Ethan - 11 Months

Ethan -

This has been an unusual winter. It’s been warm and it’s barely snowed outside. I was looking forward to playing with you and Camden outside in the snow (for like 5 minutes since I hate the cold), but so far we have not been able to. Hopefully we will have one good snow day before spring starts! 

A new year brings on many changes! The biggest change for you – We moved you and Camden into the same bedroom. I have to admit I was a little emotional about this. Your nursery was honestly my favorite room in our house (now it’s daddy’s office) and the idea of not rocking you (for the 20 seconds you typically allow me to) made me sad. However, once I read a few articles about room sharing and saw the look on Camden’s face when I asked if he wanted to share his room with you, I felt better about the change.

The first week or so was challenging. You like to sleep in complete darkness with only the sound of the ocean in the background. Your brother, however, wants the door wide open, with the hallway light on. In addition, he likes to yell for Mommy and Daddy for many reasons (water, bathroom, etc), when it’s time to go to bed. This bothered you at first, but you’ve quickly adjusted and now the two of you seem to be happy sharing a room. My only worry now is you keeping Camden up when we finally decided to take your paci away. I guess it will be payback, right?

This new year has brought many changes for you developmentally as well. You are now pulling yourself up and standing while holding on to furniture. This has been a little bit of an adjustment, because your favorite thing to do is grab anything and everything you can and throw it to the floor. This includes cups that are full of milk!

You are also crawling up the stairs! Until now you would crawl to the stairs and stop – not anymore! Sometimes you crawl over to the stairs, pull yourself into a standing position, and stare at me. I‘ll say no, you will smile and start up the stairs. I’ll grab you and depending on your mood, you’ll either give me a playful laugh or start screaming because you’re mad. 

This month you’ve decided to eat everything except pureed baby food. This causes a little problem because you hate vegetables, especially carrots. I hate the thought of you not eating a balanced meal, but you’re still breastfeeding twice a day and taking formula twice a day so I guess I should not worry too much.

You have the most precious little voice and you’re starting to use it more and more. Currently you say DA DA DA DA most of the time. Let’s get this clear, you have actually said the word DADA, it just sounds like it. J

I can’t believe you’ll be one in just a few short weeks. My little baby is growing up! I’m excited for what’s to come, but sad to see you growing up so fast.

Love you –