Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ethan - 1 Year

Ethan's One Year Video
Ethan -

When you were first born everyone commented on how much you looked like your brother but over this past year, you’ve come into your own. You are your own person in every way. You are my little sandy blonde haired, blue eyed boy. You are a challenge at times, but you are also so loving and happy. You don’t cry…you scream and you have from day one. You know what you want and you do whatever it takes to get it. You are not much of a cuddler, but you love to be by me and with me. You’re a momma’s boy and I love it.     

 Food is one of your favorite things. If I had to list your favorite foods I say they are chicken nuggets, hotdogs, blueberries and strawberries. Getting you to eat vegetables continues to be a challenge. Basically the only time you eat vegetables is when we have pasta or when I give you fruit/veggie pouches.   

You are such a loud crawler. It’s fun to hear the pitter patter of your little hands and knees hitting the floor. You have this “monster” crawl you do, where you raise your arm up high and slam it to the ground when you crawl.

The stairs are no longer an obstacle for you…going up anyway. Whenever you head towards the stairs, I say “Ethan, no” and you just look at me and smile or laugh and start climbing your way up them. When I walk over and grab you, you start laughing hysterically. So cute!  

You’re walking your way around the furniture and I’m sure you be walking around the house in no time. In fact, you took 1 ½ steps on your birthday… straight to me!

Your 1st birthday fell on a Friday. I was a little upset that I wasn’t able to spend your entire birthday with you, but I was able to take ½ the day off work and pick you up early from daycare. When I arrived at your daycare, your class was just about to dig into your birthday cookies. I was very happy that I was able to share this “mini” celebration with you.

Aunt Maya, Uncle Pat, Zane and Jude arrive shortly after we got home and we spend the rest of your birthday hanging out and visiting with them. Saturday morning we woke up, had pancakes and you played with Camden and your cousins while I got things ready for your party.

We decided to have a small party with family and a few close friends. Even though it was a small party, I put a lot of planning into it. I wanted it to be perfect, but simple and it was.

The biggest party of any 1st birthday is the cake of course. I was eager to see how you would react to yours since you loved the cookie the day before. Your reaction was not what I expected. You hated it. You wanted nothing to do with it. Oh, well - Maybe next year. Your brother and your cousin loved the cupcakes!

It’s still hard to believe you’re one year old already. I look at you and your brother and think about all the fun things the future holds. I'm exicted for the future, but don't want to rush it as the same time. 
Happy Birthday Little Man!
Love you,