Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Christmas Weekend...

You know how you have this picture in your head of how your day will go and then the day actually happens and it's nothing like you pictured..? Well, that was our Christmas. I call it the not-so-perfect, perfect Christmas because although nothing went as planned, it was still a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Eve started out great - Brian and I loaded up the Jeep with all of the presents and the car with all of our suitcases. Yes, we had to take both cars. (Lesson #1 - Buy the big presents in Indiana so traveling for Christmas will be easier.) The drive over was okay for me, Camden slept the entire time. The drive for Brian - not so good. By the time we got to Decatur, Brian was really sick. He spent most of the day laying on the couch. Terry, Terri, Camden and I headed over to Grandma Laurent's for dinner and Brian stayed at the house. When we got back to the house, we found Brian laying on the bathroom floor.

Even though Brian was sick and couldn't participate, I decided Camden and I would still continue the "traditions" we started last year. AH! Not so much -

1. Open a present containing new PJ's to wear to bed - I couldn't remember which box I wrapped them in. Luckily Grandma Laurent saved the day. She let Camden open the PJ's she bought him.
2. Open a present containing a new little toy - Instead I just gave him an unwrapped truck.
3. Watch a Christmas movie - After dinner we watched a Christmas movie - Merry Christmas Charlie Brown". Camden was disinterested but it caught his eye several times.
4. Read - The Night Before Christmas. Grandpa Laurent tried reading this to Camden but he was tired and ready for bed. I tried reading to him a little more in the bedroom but it still didn't work.

Christmas Day -
Christmas morning I woke up and turned the light on only to see Camden with poop all over him and his sheets! Great way to start the morning! I cleaned him up a little and threw him into the bathtub. I couldn't believe it, not only was Brian sick but Camden was also having some stomach issues. After the bath, we had breakfast and them it was time to open presents. I got the video camera out and realized the battery was dead! AH! Really?! (Lesson #2 - Make sure all batteries are charged) The good part of this is that Terri and Terry let Brian and I open one of our presents early - a new video camera. Although we didn't get to use it that morning (had to charge) it was a nice surprise. The rest of the morning went well and Camden had a great time opening his presents. The second present he opened was bubble so all we heard was BUBBLES for the next five minutes and he didn't want to open anything else (Lesson #3 - open bubbles last).

Later in the day, Brian was starting to feel better so we headed over to Cross Creek to surprise Brian with his TV. That was one of the only things that went as planned! We was surprised and very excited.

We spent the rest of the day, enjoying time with the family. After the kids went to bed Pat, Maya, Terry, Terri, Brian and I enjoyed a game of Imagine If. It was pretty fun!

Here are some pics from the rest of our weekend...

Two Down, One to Go

Brian, Camden and I headed up to Lorain the weekend before Christmas to celebrate Christmas with my dad. Although it was a short trip, we had a great time. We spend most of our time over my aunt and uncle's. We hung out with my cousins and just had a nice relaxing time. I realized I need to make it up north more often. My little cousins are growing up so fast. I don't see them nearly enough. Here's some pics from our day...