Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ethan - 7 months

Ethan –

Hey big guy. You’re now approximately 20 pounds, 28.5 inches long and wearing 12 month clothing and size 4 diapers.

Your love for food has continued. On September 3rd you had your first vegetable, sweet potatoes. I was a little nervous. I thought you’d take one bite and spit it out, but you loved them. In fact, you ate the entire jar .Yes… jar. At first I was feeling a little guilty about giving you jarred food because I made most of Camden’s food, but I figure I’m breastfeeding you longer so that makes up for it… right? Regardless of where your food is coming from, you seem to love everything so far. Hopefully this continues! By the way, your first fruit was a pear.

The biggest milestone this month- you’re sleeping through the night! Mommy and Daddy are very excited about this. More sleep for you and more sleep for us. One thing that has helped with this is the fact that you can put your paci in your mouth on your own now.

Your paci has become one of your favorite things. It’s funny because we were doing so well at first. We didn’t give it to you very often the first few months. In fact, we never gave it to you before bed or naptime and only gave it to you when you seemed upset. But your last ear infection was pretty bad and lasted about three weeks. Your paci seemed to soothe you so I let you have it as much as you wanted. Now, it’s with you all the time. It’s attached to a cute little monkey and you love it. My plan is to take it away when you turn one, but considering you’re my little baby, we’ll see.

I’ve noticed I’m dressing you different than I dressed your brother. With Camden, I always put him in jeans and two piece Pjs, clothes that made him look like a “little boy”. With you, I find myself dressing you in “baby” outfits. I love seeing you in comfy sleepers and onsies. You are my last little baby, what can I say. I don’t want you to grow up too fast.

You are sitting like a champ now. You fall every now and then, mostly when your big brother is trying to play with you, but you are steady for the most part.

This month we had a lot of fun with bath time. Camden has been wanting you to take a bath with him, but I don’t think you’re ready for the “big boy” bathtub. So, I came up with a fun way for the two of you to bathe together. I filled your tub with water and placed it right next to the bathtub. He pours water in and out of your tub and “shares” his toys with you. The floor ends up soaked, but you two have fun.

I love seeing the two of you bond more and more each day. I love you both more than you could ever know.


Other fun things:
1. Touch a Truck