Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Brian and I hosted our first Thanksgiving this year. My dad, grandma (and Oliver), Aunt Debbie and her boyfriend Tim drove in from Lorain to help us celebrate. Everything went as planned…even the turkey I was so nervous about. I was freaking out a little on Wednesday because it was still frozen but it was ready to go by Thursday morning. It was my first time making a turkey and Brian’s first time carving one. I have to say we make a great team but next year we have to remember to take the wishbone out and make a wish (I had one ready too). Oh - something I learned while preparing the turkey – the neck is not always in a bag so beware!

The table looked great. I used the holiday China Terri got me as a shower gift and we finally used the water goblets we got as a wedding gift. I made a few snacks for everyone to nibble on while watching football until dinner was ready. Tim made homemade gravy (he wasn’t too excited about my canned gravy) and help Brian carve the turkey. Brian said grace and we all said what we were thankful for. After dinner we ate pie and watch football until everyone decided to head home. All in all…it was a good day.

I’ll post some pics when I find time to figure how to post them!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mini Marathon...

Brian and I have been talking about working out and trying to get in shape and that’s about all it’s We went to the store for an elliptical and came home with a poker table. We set our alarm to get up and run and we hit snooze. I need motivation. One would think the weight I’ve gained since my wedding would be motivation enough but I still find myself doing other things besides working out. I need a workout buddy. I need someone there motivating me to workout and to keep going while I am working out.

I’ve decided things need to change. Yesterday I committed myself to running the mini marathon in April! Myself along with about 10 people from my company are planning to train together and keep each other motivated. My goal is to run the first 5 miles and then do a walk/run the rest of the way and to finish in less than 3hrs. This is definitely going to be a challenge, considering I can barely run one mile without feeling like I’m going to fall over!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Poker table...finally!

I have so many things on my mind right now. I’d love to talk about one in particular but I don’t think I’m ready. So for now, some good news… We finally have some furniture in the “poker room”! B and I went to the store the other day to look for an elliptical and instead we came home with a poker table! I guess our next purchase will have to be chairs to go with it. I'm really excited about it because I know B’s been wanting one and because I’ve been wanting to put something in that room! Plus, now B can have a poker party and I can try some new appetizer recipes!

Poker anyone?