Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ethan - 8 Months

Ethan –

Hi big boy! You’re now 8 months old and becoming such a little mover! Although you’re not exactly crawling yet, you’re able to get where you want to go. You have this way of moving around in a full circle and scooting your little booty on the floor while you do it. When you get close to what you want, you reach out and if you can’t reach it, you scoot some more. On October 15th, you moved from the sitting position to lying on your belly. You quickly learned that it’s quicker to roll to what you want then scoot. Daddy and I were very excited when you began trying to push up to the crawling position. Those arms are strong enough yet, but they will be soon!

Look at those teeth!
Lock up your daughters!

This was a month full of friends and family. We attended Mia Johnston’s 2nd birthday party, had a fun weekend at the lake house with Will, Mandy and Hudson, attended Shao-Lin and Matt’s baby shower, had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Laurent and had fun with Grandpa Adams on Halloween.

The weekend at the lake with Will, Mandy, and Hudson was very relaxing. It was raining and cold so we stayed in most of the weekend, although Daddy and Camden fished for a little while (Camden caught his first fish!). Hudson is a few months older than you, but the two of you are pretty much the same size. I really enjoyed seeing the two of you play together. I think he’s the one that motivated you to try to start crawling!

Halloween didn’t go as I envisioned. One of Camden’s favorite shows is “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” so per his request, we all dressed up as pirates - even Winston had a pirate hat! I was excited for us all to go trick-or-treating together, but you woke up with a high fever. We kept you home from daycare and Grandpa Adams kept an eye on you for the day. After work I decided to take you in to your doctor. He diagnosed you with a throat infection. Poor little guy, you were in no mood for celebrating. I did manage to get a couple of pictures of you in your costume before putting you to bed.

You and your brother have to be the cutest little boys. Yes, I am bias but really you two are so cute! I love watching you two play and bond. Camden just adores you. One day this month, I was cooking (yes, I do cook occasionally) and I heard a squeal. My heart skipped a beat, I thought Camden pushed you over or something, but to my surprise when I peaked in I realized the squeal wasn’t out of pain or fear. You were laughing hysterically at your brother. He was running back and forth in front of you and you thought it was the funniest thing. So cute! I’m excited to see how the two of you interact when you actually start crawling!

I’m looking forward to all the changes ahead of us. I am so lucky to have you!



Other exciting things:
1. Boo at the Zoo

2. 1st hayride and trip to the pumpkin patch