Friday, August 20, 2010

You're Two...

Camden -

Just a few short weeks ago, you turned two! I cannot believe how fast these past two years have gone by. When we ask you how old you are you hold up all of your fingers and say “TWO”!

Word cannot describe how much your daddy and I love you. It has been truly amazing to see how you have grown and changed during these two years. You are talking in sentences, running, jumping, and you’re even walking up and down the stairs…No more scooting down on your butt. When you attempted to walk down the stairs for the first time, I told you to sit down and slide down the stairs and you did. Then one day you said no and instead, you took a hold of the railing and walked down the stairs. When you got to the final step you jumped and said, “I did it”. You were so proud of yourself and I was so proud of you - And once you were down, I finally started breathing again.

Your birthday party had a sports theme this year, because you love all sports. Basketball and golf are your favorites by far, but you also love football, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey. Your party was a lot of fun. You were surrounded by family and friends and had a great time. When it was time for your cupcake, I thought I was going to have to help you blow out the candles but you did it all on your own!

One of my favorite parts of the day was actually after your party. Your Grandma Laurent was helping clean up and all of a sudden we heard giggling coming from upstairs. We went around the corner and found you and Zane jumping on the bed! It was something I will never forget. You two were bonding and being mischievous together! Very cute! Your grandma and I just smiled and laughed for a few minutes and then made you stop. From then all that is all you two wanted to do.

This coming year is going to be a big year for you. So many changes are coming your way over the next seven months. Although I know you’ll be fine, I’m nervous. I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or feel like we’re abandoning you in any way.

The first change is going to be you moving into your “big boy” room. We have decided to go with a sports theme. And of course with the “big boy” room comes the “big boy” bed. You’re moving right into a queen size bed. Our plan is to move you over in November or December unless you decide to climb out of your crib before then.

The next change will be moving into a new room at daycare. You should move up in February and when you do, you’ll begin drinking from a regular cup (no more sippy at school) and you’ll start learning to use the potty. About a month after that comes the biggest change of all - Your little brother or sister will arrive. I am so excited to see the two of you together, but I am extremely nervous at the same time. I do not want you to think you are being replaced or that you’re loved any less. At the same time, I don’t want your new brother or sister to feel that we love you more since you’re the oldest. I hope that you both will know that there is enough love in our hearts for both of you and that we love you both.

One promise I’m going to make to you right now is that we’re going to plan special mommy and Camden time, not only when the baby comes, but before that. Over the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to spend as much time with you as I would have like or that you would have liked. This trend is probably going to continue for a few more weeks or until this morning sickness subsides. But I promise, when I’m feeling better, we’re going to spend so much time together - So much that you’re probably going to be sick of me!

Not being able to spend time with you has been hard on me. I feel like I’m neglecting you which is the last thing I want to do. You have a wonderful father who loves to spend time with you and lets me rest when I need to, but I still hate that I am not spending time with you. You and your daddy went to the slash park and out to dinner yesterday while I stayed home sick. This summer had just flown by and I feel like I have missed it and you, and your daddy. But again, once this sickness is over – you and me kiddo! We’re going to have lots of fun!

Fun/Cute things to remember:
1. You carry around a lot of animals – Curious George, AH AH (the name of your little monkey), Mickey Mouse, and Kitty. At times you also want to grab Doggie, Pooh, and Tigger.
2. Your favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You watch it every morning while I’m getting ready for work and every night before bedtime (with a snack and milk).
3. You are still sleeping in your crib – I’m happy about that.
4. Besides sports, you love bubbles, books, trains, cars, and trucks.
5. You love to dance and play outside.
6. You love to jump – which makes me nervous because you do it when I’m not expecting it!
7. You say bye to everything – Bye daddy’s car, Bye flowers, Bye slide, Bye rock…
8. If we ask you if you have a girlfriend you say “Emily”.
9. You love your sneakers and you tell everyone about them. Whenever someone new walks in the room, you hold out your foot and say “shoes”. You cry if we try to make you wear flip flops or any shoes other than your “shoes”.
10. You love Fig Newtons.
11. You love to “read”. At times we find you sitting with a bunch of books, just looking though them. You even want to take one to bed every now and then.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On your way...

June 30th - It has been two days. Two days since I found out you’re on your way! I have so many things running through my mind. Are you okay? Are you growing? Is your little heart beating? I called the doctor today and she scheduled my first appointment for August 2nd…. It’s June 29th. How am I supposed to wait another 6 weeks before I know you’re okay?

I must admit, your daddy and I are very surprised. It took us a year to conceive your big brother and you… well, let’s just say it didn’t take any time at all. I had a feeling I was pregnant last week, mother’s intuition I guess you can say. I wanted to surprise your daddy this time so I kept my feelings to myself.

My plan was to take a pregnancy test when your daddy wasn’t home so I could fight the urge to tell him and surprise in a special way. However, when I got home, your daddy was home. He was supposed to be at Keira and Brandon’s by the time I got back from the store. I was so anxious and there was no way could wait to take the test so I told myself that if the test was positive, I would say I forgot something and had to run out. That way I could start my plan. However, in the 5 seconds it took for the test to show two pink lines, I changed my mind. I quickly (but carefully) ran downstairs. Your daddy and Camden were sitting on the couch and I pulled the test out of my pocket. Your daddy was shocked (as was I). All he could do is say, ”WHAT?!...WHAT?! How many did you take? Are you serious?”. Then he wanted to call your Grandma and Grandpa Laurent to share our happy news, but I told him no. I didn’t get to surprise him but we were going to surprise everyone else!

And so it begins…