Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ethan - One Month

Ethan –

I can’t believe it’s already been an entire month since you entered the world and our hearts. Some say the second child is easier because you know what to expect and you don’t worry as much. Well, I don’t agree entirely. Sure we were aware there would be a lack of sleep on our part (my part) and a never ending cycle of you eating, sleeping, and pooping, but that’s really about it. For the most part I feel I worry just as much as I did with your older brother. I just worry about a larger variety of things. Before you were born I worried about you being healthy, about breastfeeding, about how I would feel about you when you were born, and about how Camden would adjust to having a little brother. Now I worry about you being healthy, about breastfeeding and about how to make sure I am giving you and your brother the individual love and attention that you both need.
You were born on a Wednesday and we left the hospital with two days later on a rainy Friday afternoon. My plan was to ride in the backseat with you like I did when we left the hospital with your brother, but I quickly realized that wasn’t possible. Welcome to life with two kids! There’s no room in the backseat with two carseats. I think we might need that minivan I’ve been wanting! Anyway, your daddy took a picture of the two of us and then I jumped in the front seat.

Our first night home went well…sort of. We quickly realized you hate laying flat. Around 3am, I had your Daddy get the car seat and you’ve been sleeping in it ever since. Whatever works right? Saturday your Grandma Ziegman arrived in Columbus. She stayed with us for a week and got a chance to get to know you and hang out with Camden.

As I mentioned, one of the main things I stressed about before you were born was breastfeeding. Well, at your two week checkup you only weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce which upset me because you weren’t back up to your birth weight. This had me stressing over breastfeeding even more, but after speaking to your pediatrician we came up with a plan. Needless to say you and I have worked through our difficulties and a week later you weighed 10 pounds!

Now there’s a new issue…You cry all the time. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. The first two weeks I kept telling everyone how good you were and how you only cry when you are wet, tired or hungry. Well, that somehow changed over the past couple of weeks. Now, the only time you are not crying is when you’re sleeping or eating. On the bright side, you do sleep well at night. You wake up every 2.5 – 3 hrs to eat and are pretty good about going back to sleep for the most part, but during the day if you’re not sleeping or eating, you’re crying. You seem to calm down if I hold you, but I can’t hold you all the time. Hopefully this crying phase will pass soon!

Our first month together has been stressful, but wonderful. I've enjoyed getting to know you and you me. Please be patient with me as I learn how to and adjust to being a mother of two. I can’t wait to see how you grow and change this coming month!



Other fun things that happened this month –

1. Umbilical cord fell off on March 17th.

2. You had your first "real" bath.

3. 1st road trip – We went drove to Ikea and daddy’s new office.

4. Your Uncle Pat, Aunt Maya, Zane and Jude came to meet you and you had your first photo session with Aunt Maya.