Wednesday, November 18, 2009

15 Months...

You're now 15 months. You weigh 24 pounds and you're 33 inches tall. I thought my letters to you would occur less frequently since you turned one but you're growing and changing so much these days I want to make sure I remember these little milestones.

So what has changed this past month?....Everything. You're learning so many new things - You can quack like a duck, bark like a dog and say hoohoo like a monkey (and can point to them in a book). Your vocabulary is expanding. You can say ball, bubbles, fish and golf. You say DaDa sometimes - Still no Mommy but I think you're close. You've learned how to run, raise your arms when we say touchdown and sign help and drink. You're catching on to thing so quickly. One of my favorite new things you do is give kisses. Tonight before bed I asked you to give daddy a kiss so you walked right over to him and gave him one. My heart just melted.

You've mastered the stairs and you're actually trying to walk up and down them instead of crawling. When I say trying, I mean you look at me and act like you're going to until I tell you no.

One thing you love to do is play outside. Everyday when we arrive home you grab your basketball and head to the door. One afternoon daddy started throwing the ball up on the roof and now it's one of your favorite things to do. He lifts you up high, you throw the ball up and laugh when it falls to the ground. You also love playing golf and riding your bike.

A small issue we're having is separation anxiety. All you want is mommy. I have to admit 80% of me loves this... the other 20% not so much. You do pretty well in the nursery at church and at daycare but the way. Daddy and I dropped you off there the other day and you cried the entire time. Heartbreaking. Everyone keeps telling me that you'll get used to it but it's hard to leave you. It's going to be harder once you actually yell mommy.

I'm looking forward to the holidays this year. We're going to cut down our tree in a few weeks. I wonder what you will think of it. You make the holidays so much more fun!

We love you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Growing our faith...

It's amazing how a child can change your perspective on things. Before Camden, Brian and I rarely talked about religion unless "big" decisions needed to be made...Where would we be married? Would we raise our children in the catholic church? Other than that we rarely talked about it...until Camden. He changed things. I can't pinpoint the exact moment but it happened.

Over the past 5 weeks Brian and I've been attending Discovery Classes at a local church we've been going to since June. I'm excited to say that last night we made the decision to become members of the church. I'm thrilled that we found a church that we're both excited about, a church that we both feel comfortable in and a church that will allow us to grow our faith individually and as a family.