Sunday, May 31, 2009

Picnic at the park...

Keira and Brandon had a great idea for dinner this evening. We loaded up the cars and had a picnic at a park by their house. We had such a great time but I have to admit the new parents were more prepared that we were! We forgot our stroller and I forgot to restock the diaper bag with wipes! Brandon and Keira had it all including a blanket for us to sit on, a radio and a football!

Aiden and Camden kept us entertained and busy. I can't wait to them running around the park playing together one day soon. Here are some pics from our evening....

Lost then found...

Brian found the pictures!! They were somehow saved to the Recycle Bin...? Anyway, here are some pics from yesterday.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It was a good day. Well, most of it.....

I was getting ready to write about how perfect today was and then it happened.... I loaded the pictures from today onto the computer and well, they're gone! I have no idea what happened but they didn't save and I checked the stupid "delete after copying" box so they're not on the camera either!!!

Well, except for this one "minor" incident, today was such a great day. It started off with me walking into Camden's room to find him looking up at me smiling. Brian then woke up and made us pancakes for breakfast. After Cam's morning nap we heading to the zoo and met up with Laurel, Jason and Cole. We've been taking Camden to the zoo since he was two months and today's the day we've been waiting for....we finally got a reaction. He loves the monkeys! He was laughing and smiling and watching them play. It was perfect. We also learned that Camden loves sitting up on is daddy's shoulders. I had a great picture of Camden on Brian's shoulders and cole on Jason's. Hopefully Laurel took one too.

After the zoo, I did some yard work while Camden played in his pack-n-play, then we headed over to visit Keira and Aiden. I can't wait to see these two boys playing together soon!

Again, I wish I had pictures to share. I feel they would do a better job explaining how perfect our day was. Next time I not selecting "delete after copying"!!!!

Now, Brian and I are going to watch some of the Cavs game and then sit outside on the patio and relax.

Go Cavs!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Congratulations Jason and Katie...

My friend, Jason, married the love of his life this past weekend and Brian and I made the the drive down down to Cumming, GA to attend. Yes, just Brian and Camden. Camden spent the weekend being spoiled by his Grandma and Grandpa Laurent!

The wedding and reception took place at The Reid Barn. The pictures below don't do justice to how unique and perfect this spot was. I can't wait to see the pictures the were taken by the photographer. Brian and I are so happy we were able to be there to help Jason and Katie celebrate.
Although I love living in Columbus, I miss my Indy friends!

The Reid Barn

Saturday, May 16, 2009

9 months...

So you're nine months now! You weigh 20pds 8oz and you're 30.5 inches long. Your funny and happy and absolutely adorable. I truly can't imagine my life without you.

This month started off with us celebrating your first Easter. Grandma and Grandpa Laurent even came over to help us celebrate. Sunday morning we woke up and after about an hour, I realized I had forgotten to give you your Easter basket. I promise to do better next year! Oh...And I'm sorry about the bunny ears. I couldn't resist. At least they're blue! So cute!!!

You spent most of this month teething and fighting ear infections. Every time you cut teeth you seem to get an ear infection. Your doctor says they're not related but I'm not so sure. The good news is you now have four top teeth which are absolutely adorable!

My work schedule changed this month so now I drop you off at daycare instead of daddy. I have to admit I cried the first time I had to drop you off this month. It's getting easier but I still hate leaving you! You had your 1st incident report a few weeks back. Your foot somehow got caught under the rocking chair when you were playing. Luckily you were okay. It didn't even leave a mark.

You're still not crawling. In fact, you seem to have no interest in it. Your pediatrician seems to think you are going to skip this stage and go straight to walking. I say, take your time to do both. Right now, rolling seems to be getting you where you want to go! You wiggle and roll until you reach the toy you want. You're favorite toys this month are your basketball hoop and your drum sticks. You made your first basket this past month! Do we have a future NBA star on our hands?

DA DA DA DA seems to be your favorite thing to say and "No Camden" seems to be the funniest words I can say. I just keep picturing you at 16 laughing at me when I say no to you taking the car. Hopefully by that time I'm able to overlook your adorable smile and not laugh myself. OH... I don't mind you saying DA DA as long as you start saying MA MA soon!

You've started helping me walk Winston this month. You reach your little arm out of your stroller, grab his leash and hold on tight.

Bath time is still a favorite of both of ours. You're now able to sit in the "big boy" tub and you love to splash water all over the bathroom.

Not only did you attend your first lacrosse game this month, you met Tim for the first time. He lives in Michigan so we don't get to see him very often. Don't worry, he lives in Michigan but he's an OSU fan!!!

Other exciting things that happened this month:
1. Grandpa Adams and Great Grandma Adams came to visit.
2. Aiden Lynn McGlone was born on May 5th. A new friend for you to grow up with!
3. We started Pancake Saturdays. You seem to love them!
4. Daddy started going to music class with us.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Simply Adorable...

Aiden Lynn

Congratulations Keira and Brandon! Aiden Lynn was born yesterday morning at 10:27am. He's 7lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches long. He’s absolutely adorable! I think he looks like his mommy. What do you think? This picture was sent via cell phone. I'll post more pictures tonight.