Wednesday, April 22, 2009

He Shoots, He Scores!!

I caught Camden's first basket on my cellphone while trying to get a cute video to send Brian. After reviewing my post I see that the video is very dark and you can't hear me screaming with excitment when he makes the basket. But if you watch the video you can at least get the idea. He was so proud of himself too. I'll have to take a better video and post it later.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ear Infection/Teething...

Not only is this Camden's second ear infection, both ears are infected this time. And to make it worse, my poor little guy is teething. We should see two top teeth popping though soon.

I took Cam to see his pediatrician earlier this week because his "teething" symptoms seemed to be getting worse. After explaining these symptoms our pediatrician he told me a story that ended with "teething causes nothing but teeth". He then went on to say, in a round about way, that all the parenting magazines and books that state otherwise are wrong. I just looked at him and kept my thoughts to myself. Who am I to argue? I didn't go to medical school. Then while he was looking at Camden's chart to find out when his last ear infection was, I reminded him that it was in January, the same week he got his bottom two teeth.

Okay so maybe teething isn't causing Camden's ear infections but I can almost guarantee that the next time he's teething an ear infection isn't far behind...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8 months...

You’re eight months old today. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown in just the past month, both physically and mentally. Your daddy keeps saying that you are no longer a baby, you’re a little boy. Well, you’re still my little baby but I can definitely see how in just a few short months we will be calling you a toddler.

This month you perfected sitting up and rolling around. There’s no more laying you on the floor while I run up to the kitchen or laying you on the bed while I get dressed. Nope, you are now mobile! You’re not crawling yet, instead you roll…everywhere. You’ve learned how to get where you want to go by rolling and when you run into an obstacle you wiggle and slightly turn your body just enough to where if you roll again you will finally get the item you’ve been wanting. You’re pretty easy going about me taking toys away but you’re starting to protest more and more. You know what you want when you want it. That’s especially the case when it comes to food. You’ve mastered holding your bottle on your own and if I take it away too soon, you grab it back from me. Finger foods are no match for you. We added a few new items to your menu: yogurt melts, lil’ crunchies, and teething biscuits. You’ve even tried yogurt, cottage cheese and toast.

As for your infant carrier…it’s out of here! You’ve now moved into what I like to call your “big boy” car seat! You love it and I’m learning to also. Errands seem to take a little longer because I have to take you in and out of the car seat and strap you in a cart but it’s worth it. You seem be enjoying yourself much more when I take you places. The first time you were in a cart…IKEA! You loved it and love the attention you received from other shoppers. You’re such a flirt! You’re daddy and I forgot to take a picture of this big milestone but we did get a picture of the first time you sat in a highchair at a restaurant. It was at BW3’s on your daddy’s birthday! Again, you loved being a part of the party! One thing we have to work on when taking you out is keeping drinks away from you. So far you’ve knocked over a margarita (sorry Steph), a glass of ice water (on me while out with my manager) and two glasses of wine (again, on me). Which brings me to the word NO. This word has become somewhat familiar in our home recently. You love to grab anything and everything that’s in front of you. For instance, you love my hair, my earrings, daddy’s nose and when we try to buckle you in to your booster seat you reach for the tray, the wipes, the fruit bowl and any thing else that may possibly be on the table. You have also started to reach for Griswald and Winston’s toys when they are still holding them in their mouth. This actually happens with Griswald more than Winston because Griswald actually bring toys to you with hopes that you will play with him.

Laughing – Okay so you’ve been laughing and smiling for a while now but this month your laugh has become one of my favorite sounds. You have the most incredible laugh and you laugh all the time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it are the best baby! You’re always so happy and so laid back. We can take you anywhere and we never have to worry about you acting up. You just kind of take it all in. Does a good baby mean a bad toddler and or teenager? I hope not!

You’re new favorite toy is the 3-in-1 sports center Santa gave you at Christmas. You love the sounds and lights that come from the scoreboard and even let you little scream while playing with it.

Changing your diaper has become somewhat of a challenge. You love your feet and seem to want to suck on them when we’re trying to change your diaper. If you’re not doing that, you’re wiggling… neither of which make the diaper changing process easy. I guess I shouldn’t complain, I’ve seen friends try to change their 2-3 year olds, now that’s a challenge. Which reminds me, you are now in size four diapers!

This month, since you have perfected the art of rolling, you’ve decided that you are most comfortable sleeping on your belly. Two things about this – One, what happened to my little guy that hated being on his belly just a few short weeks ago? Two – this makes me nervous for obvious reasons. The first time I walked in and saw you sleeping on your belly I grabbed the camera to get a picture and then almost rolled you over to your back. Your daddy told me not to and I figured you’d probably just roll back anyway. I was so nervous until you woke up from your nap. Want to know a secret? Every night before I go to bed and every morning before I leave for work, I quietly open your door, walk over to your crib and place my hand on your belly to make sure you’re okay. I wonder how long I’ll keep checking on you like this. For at least the next 18 years I suppose.

Well, your daddy and I have a long to-do list this coming month. With you becoming more mobile we need to Camden proof our house. First thing on our list– lower your crib mattress! You’re moving so much lately, I’m afraid I’m going to walk into your room and see you hanging over the side. I’m excited for these new and exciting changes we are about to share but Camden, I won’t be upset if you decided to slow down just a little.

Other exciting things that happened this month:
1.Park and zoo with Laurel and Cole
2.Easter Bunny
3.Grandma Ziegman came to visit. She couldn’t believe how much you changed since her last visit.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Office...

These are before and after pictures of Brian’s home office. He booted Camden out of his playroom! Mean daddy...just kidding. We still have a lot of work to do but it’s a start. Our wireless internet gets installed next week. After that we can hook up the fax machine, anchor the desk to the wall and put Brian to work! Notice the lucky bamboo?!