Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ethan - The Story of Your Birth

Ethan -

I made the decision to be induced with you and picked an induction date of Wednesday, March 2. My last day at work was Monday, February 28th and I took the day before you were born off to relax and hang out with your Daddy and brother. So the day before you were born your Daddy and I went out for breakfast and spent the rest of the morning shopping for an OSU hat for you. It was the only thing I didn’t have packed and was on a mission to find one. It took four stores, but we finally found it and when we did, I started crying. Your Daddy just stared at me and started laughing. I would have probably laughed at me too. Hormones! After finding the hat, we picked your brother up and headed to the zoo. It was our last outing, just the three of us.

Later that evening your Grandma and Grandpa Laurent came to town so that they could stay with your big brother the next morning and take him to daycare before coming up to the hospital. Your Daddy and I arrived at the hospital around 6am on the 2nd. After completing the necessary paperwork we headed to our room where the nurses hooked me up to the necessary monitors. You were not responding the way they would have liked so they monitored you for about an hour. Around 7am my doctor came in, broke my water and then started the petocin. Contractions pretty much started right away. I was told I could have an epidural whenever I wanted, but waited for some reason…a little too long and the contractions came on really strong. Your Grandma and Grandpa Laurent arrived at the hospital just as I was getting the epidural. I think this was around 10:00am or so. After I got the epidural I was able to relax, but after a while the pain started coming back. It was so bad I started crying and your Grandpa Adams got so emotional he had to leave the room. When the nurse came in I told her I thought there was something wrong with my catheter and she informed me that it was just your head coming down and that I was dilated to 9 ½! I couldn’t believe it. I always thought being induced meant a long hard labor. I was obviously wrong because it was only about 12:30pm and I was almost ready to push! The nurse raised my bed so that I was pretty much in a sitting position. This eased the pain tremendously and allowed gravity to do the work instead of me. I started pushing at approximately 1:29pm and you arrived at 2:01pm. I couldn’t believe it. My doctor said one more push and I thought she was lying. I had to push for over an hour with your brother so I wasn’t expecting you to come out so quickly, but you did. And your cry…oh it was just so adorable. As soon as you came out they put you on my chest, you stopped crying and just looked at me. It was at that moment that I fell in love with you. All through my pregnancy I was worried about how I would feel about you. How could I possibly love another child as much as I love your brother? But at that moment all of those fears went away. God has blessed me with two wonderful boys. I don’t know what I did to deserve the two of you. I thank him for you two every day.

Because I gained about 20 pounds less with you than I did with your brother, your Daddy and I thought you would weigh much less than your big brother…we were wrong. You weighed in at 9lbs 5.7oz and 21.5in long. Your brother was 9lbs 6oz and 21in long. What can I say, I have big boys! Later that day, your Grandma and Grandpa Laurent brought your big brother to the hospital to meet you. When Camden walked in, he was a little scared seeing me in the hospital bed. He said, “What happened”? I looked at him and pointed to you. I explained that you came out of my belly and he said, “That’s my brother”. As for me, I just started crying. Seeing the two of you together made the day just that much more special. Your daddy stayed at the hospital with me Wednesday night while your Grandpa Adams stayed at the house with your brother. The next morning your daddy went home, picked up Camden and came back up the hospital. We had breakfast together as a family for the first time and Camden held you for the first time that morning which just melted my heart.

Ethan – we love you so much and we’re so happy you’re finally here with us!