Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ethan - 19 months

Ethan –

Hey little guy! I can’t believe you’re 19 months old already!! You have changed so much since my last letter. First, you’ve mastered walking and have almost mastered running! You have a cute little run – I’m not sure you actually bend your knees, but it works. Stairs are no match for you. I always make you turn around and scoot down on your belly, but you prefer to walk down the stairs (which scares me). You’ve fallen down the stairs more times than I care to remember, but that hasn’t stopped you. You are very independent.  In fact, you hate holding hands and hate being carried. You would rather walk on your own.

You’ve started  cuddling more and more, which makes me happy! There’s actually been a couple of times where you’ve napped while I’ve sat in the rocking chair holding you. This never happened when you were a little baby! I love it!

You’ve been signing for some time, but now you’re actually starting to talk and you have the cutest little voice! So far you’ve said -ball (1st word), Mama, Dada, thank you (so cute), more, cracker, apple, car, truck, yes and Elmo (all the time) and your two favorite words as of this week – NO and MINE! Oh the fun we are having!

As for interests – you love books, Elmo, blocks, cars, trucks, and trains. I love that you bring me books and want me to read to you.  Again, something I missed out on the first year - you never wanted me to read to you!

Your eating habits haven’t really improved since my last letter. You are picky – fruit (apples, oranges and berries), hotdogs, plain crackers and milk…Oh and ketchupJ. Those are the only things you will eat consistently. You’ll eat pizza about 90% of the time and chicken nuggets maybe 50% of the time. Please, please, please start eating. You’re stressing me out and you’re cranky when you’re hungry.

You are a daddy’s boy most of the time, but you do have your mommy moments! As far as your personality, I’ve always said you are more like me. You want what you want when you want it. You’re high strung most of the time and relaxed only some of the time. You’re OCD about some things, like closing doors and shutting draws ( I can’t even unload the dishwasher around you). You’re a morning person like I am – although, please know, it is OKAY to sleep in on the weekends! You do not need to wake up between 6-6:30am on Saturdays or Sundays- 7am is early enough! You are an adorable little guys and I love you and your brother more that you will ever know.



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