Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two Months Old...

2 Months – You are now 13 pounds and 23.5 inches long!! I can’t believe how fast you’re growing. You’ve changed so much over the past 9 weeks. You’re smiling all the time! You’ve also started sticking out your tongue. It’s a “game” we play together. Daddy or I will stick out our tongue and you copy us or vice versa. It’s so cute and gets you smiling every time. Another thing you enjoy doing is lying on your activity mat and reaching up for the toys that are hanging down. You’re not very fond of tummy time yet. I’m sure that will soon change.

As for your sleeping habits during the night, they’ve improved - either that or I’m just getting used to not sleeping. The good thing is you’re sleeping in your own room. You started sleeping in there consistently when you were about 3 weeks old. We’ve started a bedtime routine and you’ve started to fall asleep in your crib which is nice but you’re having a hard time staying asleep after your nighttime feeding. You typically wake up around 2:30am to eat and then wake up every hour until 6:30am at which time I just stay up. Again, I love you wanting me with you but Camden, Mommy needs sleep. I start work next week so we’ll have more of a daily routine. I’m sure that will help. I’m hoping we can get you to eat at 2:30am and then sleep until 6am.

One fun thing we’ve started doing this month is Baby Laptime. We go to the library on Mondays for about ½ hour. We learn songs and read books and at the end of the class you have a chance to socialize with other infants. When you’re awake you seem to enjoy yourself. I’ve learned a few new songs which I’m sure you are happy about. I think you were getting sick of hearing the ABC’s 20 times a day.

You had your 1st set of shots on Friday. I have to say you handled it like a champ. You only cried for about a minute and then seemed to be fine. The doctor was impressed with your eye contact and said you’re doing great. He also laughed when I told him about you waking up every hour and said that you have me trained well! All I could do is agree with him!

Other fun things that happened this month:
1st trip to the zoo.
We took a road trip to Cleveland to visit Grandpa Adams and for you to meet my side of the family.
We took a road trip to Indianapolis to visit Aunt Maya, Uncle Pat, and Cousin Zane.


Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

OMG 13 pounds! THat is what Luca weighed at his 4 month! so funny! I miss Cam! It has been a long time. We are coming over for Halloween!