Monday, January 23, 2012

Ethan - 10 months!

Ethan -

You're 10 months old today! I can’t believe it!  So what were you up to this month? We’ll you’ve master crawling and have actually become quite a little speedster. I love hearing the pitter-patter of your little knees and hands hitting the floor when you’re on your way to wherever it is you’re wanting to go. Now that you’re mobile, it’s exciting to see what you’re actually interested in. Before, I would sit toys next to you for you to play with. Now, you just go and start playing with the toys you like. So far, your favorite toys happen to be race cars and trains - just like your big brother. Daddy and I bought you your very own Thomas the Train for Christmas, but you are still more interested in Camden’s.
Your love for music is adorable. Anytime you hear music or any type of rhythmic beat, you sit and bounce.    

We moved you into the big boy bathtub this month. You love the water and since you’ve master sitting and crawling, I thought it was time. Camden was excited about this, too. I was a little nervous about having the two of you in the bath together, but Camden’s been very good with you in the tub.

The month of December is always busy and this year was no different. Our month started off with your Daddy’s big work conference. Once the show was over, we finally had time to go cut down our Christmas tree!!! This is a tradition we started on Camden’s first Christmas. I hope you enjoy it more next year than you did this year!

The following weekend we headed to Lorain to celebrate Christmas with your Grandpa Adams. We had such a wonderful time hanging out with the Adams’ side of our family. They all adore you and I always love seeing you and Camden with your Grandpa Adams.

The following Friday your Grandma and Grandpa Ziegman flew in from Phoenix for a weeklong visit. I picked them up from the airport around midnight. They were so anxious to see you and Camden so I let them sneak in to your bedrooms for just a second to see you. On Sunday we headed over to Indy to have a Christmas celebration with the Ziegman’s at Eric and Jenny’s house. I was nervous about driving there and back with you in one day, but you were a champ and it didn’t seem to faze you at all. The following night we headed to the zoo with G&G Ziegman and your Great-Aunt Gloria, to see the lights. It was a beautiful winter night. Your daddy had so much fun taking pictures and your brother loved seeing all the lights. You had a great time too. Okay, so you fell asleep, but you enjoyed it for a little bit.

Your G&G Ziegman left on the 22nd and we headed to Decatur the next day to celebrate Christmas with the Laurent side of our family.

I was so excited for your 1st Christmas and wanted everything to be perfect. You’ll soon realize that I have this habit of envisioning how I want an event/holiday to go. Most of the time it doesn’t go as planned and I sometimes get upset…I’m trying to work on this. I really am. But luckily, this wasn’t the case on Christmas Eve/Day. We had such a wonderful time laughing and hanging out with family. I have a list of things I like to do on Christmas Eve. They include: opening one gift (PJs), watching a Christmas movie, reading “The Night Before Christmas” and writing Santa a quick note to go along with his milk and cookies. You were able to stay up for the letter to Santa, but decided you were too tired for the rest so I decided to put you to bed, but not before putting you and your brother in matching PJs!

Christmas morning, Daddy and I woke up to your brother making some funny noises. Your Daddy rolled over and said,” I think  we have an excited 3 year”. Camden was so anxious to go out to the living room to see what Santa left under the tree. I started a new tradition this year – one that you will probably hate when you’re a little older - you and Camden have to hug and let me take a picture of you both before opening any presents.

You weren’t very interested in opening presents, but you were very excited about climbing on them and playing with everything Camden opened. After opening presents, Grandma Laurent made breakfast and we headed to church. You were so good in church (can’t say that for your brother), but you didn’t want anyone to hold you except me. I’m so happy you love me so much! After church your Uncle Pat, Aunt Maya and cousins arrived. It’s never quite with four little guys running around! Zane and Camden kept yelling at you and Jude because you both kept messing up their race track. Soon, the two of you will be right there playing along with them.

Last year, I dreamt of what Christmas would be like this year with my two little guys. I was looking forward to this magical holiday all year and it turned out to be even better than I could have imagined. I love you and your brother more than I could ever put into words.

Love, Mommy