Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Our weekend -
Brian and I spent this Mother’s Day weekend at the Laurent Cottage. Friday afternoon we headed over to Decatur and played in DFL with Terri and Terry. After golf, Brian, Terri and I headed up to the lake for the weekend. Saturday, Terri, Brian and I went to the nursing home to visit Grandma Borne. It was so nice to see her. I wish we could visit more often. Terri shared the news about Camden with her and for a split second I swear she new exactly who we were. She smiled and seems excited to hear the news! As for the rest of the day, I spent most of it lying around and napping while Brian and his parents spent most the day working on the yard and preparing the lake for the summer ahead. Part of me felt horrible that I couldn’t participate but the other half was so exhausted that I couldn’t help but feel glad that they didn’t expect or want me to help. At one point I did pick up a rake but I ended up just standing there watching them. I read that I would start feeling tired again during the third trimester but I didn’t think it would start happening so soon! Anyway, Sunday – Mother’s Day, Terri woke up and made us all pancakes for breakfast - Something doesn’t sound right about that does it? Brian should have made breakfast for his mom but she did and I enjoyed eating it. That afternoon Brian and I stopped and had lunch with Terri and Terry before heading back to Columbus. It was a nice and relaxing weekend – At least for me!

Me…a mother?
Last week if hit me…I’m going to be a Mother. This pregnancy has gone by so fast. Our little Camden is due 3 months from today! 3 MONTHS!! Part of me feels somewhat prepared. I mean the nursery is almost complete, we have all of the furniture, I’ve read all the books, we have a pediatrician and we’re researching daycares. I guess I am as prepared as I can be but what about the other stuff. The important stuff...the stuff you can’t prepare for, the mom stuff. Am I going to be as patient as I need to be? How am I going to know what to say when he asks questions I’m not prepared for or what about the day when he comes home with a broken heart? How am I going to be able to help him through these things? What about naps and feeding schedules and all of the other stuff? AHHH! Anyway, my original point to this paragraph was that as I was laying on the hammock on Saturday afternoon, I started thinking about all of the wonderful Mothers I have in my life but four in particular - my amazing mom, Brian’s mom, Terri, my sister-in-law, Maya, and my best friend, Laurel. Each one of them, in a different stage of motherhood and each one of them amazing in their own way. After thinking about them, I started feeling a little less anxious. It helps to know that I have these remarkable women to turn to when I have questions. I am happy that these women are in my life and that they will play a significant role in my child’s life as well. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you all.


Maya said...

Aww you're too sweet Kristi! Wish we could have been with you guys this weekend! And you forgot to mention what you'll say/do when he won't take his hands off his, well you know what!!! It starts prepared! :)

Shey said...

that's so sweet! It's true - I dont know how you mommies do it all.