Monday, May 5, 2008

Nursery update…The painting is complete!!

Brian and I spent all day yesterday taping and painting the nursery. For two people to are not very artistic, I think we did a pretty amazing job! Brian is going to start laying the flooring tonight. After it’s installed, we’ll just have to hang the new trim, change the outlets and add the furniture (which is currently in every room of our house!). I can’t wait to see it put together! Our (okay my) goal was to have it done before the shower and it looks like it’s going to happen!

As for Baby Camden, he’s “practicing his golf swing” more and more. At times, it feels like he’s going to jump out of my stomach! I can’t believe we’re only a week or so way from the beginning of the third trimester!

B and I are looking forward to this weekend. We’re heading over to Decatur to play in DFL on Friday (yes pregnant women can play golf) and then heading up to the lake for a relaxing weekend. I’m so excited that lake season is finally here!

The painting is complete!

The boys are excited for Camden's arrival!


Abbey said...

Ooooh! The nursery looks really good! And your coming to Decatur on Friday?! Yay!!! As of now, I'll be working that night. So, I hope to see ya! :)

Maya said...

Looks super cool Kristi! You guys did a great job!

kate said...

Looks amazing...I love it!

Shey said...

It looks awesome!