Sunday, July 12, 2009

11 Months...

It's been a crazy month. I've tried so hard to post your monthly letters as close to the 8th as possible because you change so much day to day but this month just got away from me. Why this you ask...? Well, you're keeping me busy!

You're now 11 months old. You're 21 pounds 8 ounces and approximately 32 inches long. The big news this month...You have to get tubes and your allergic to milk and eggs. Everyone says you're just like your daddy and you're proving them right!

Mobility Status - Not only have you started crawling, (Yes, an actually hands and knees crawl) you're also pulling up on furniture and even trying to walk while holding on to it. Because of this we finally installed gates around the house and finished putting locks on the cabinet doors... All except for one that is. I reorganized the kitchen and made a cabinet specifically for you. It's full tupperware for you to take out and play with while your daddy and I cook. You seem to like it.

You've also started helping me "clean" your room. I put the books on the shelf and you reorganize them. You helped so much the one day that I eventually had to put you in your crib so I could organize them the way I wanted to.

One of the cutest things about your new skills is that although you can pull yourself up you haven't yet figured out how to sit back down. Sure you sometimes just fall over on accident but if you don't, you stand there and cry until we help you down. For instance, earlier in the month when you first started standing, we put you to bed for the night and a few minutes later we heard you crying. After a few more minutes your cry started getting louder so I peaked in to find you standing in your crib looking down trying to figure out how to lay back down. It was hilarious. Here's a picture of you from the first morning daddy and I walked in your room to find you standing there waiting for us.

I'd have to say your two favorite activities this month are opening and closing doors and golfing. Yes, you've made your daddy one proud papa. Daddy asks you to find your golf club and after you do, you hit the golfball, then crawl over to it and hit it again. I love seeing your daddy's face when the two of you are playing. He's so proud.

We headed to the lake this past month for a long relaxing weekend with Will and Mandy. Your daddy and I have been looking forward to taking you on your first boat ride and for your first swim. Although you love taking a bath and swimming in your pool, we were a little worried that you wouldn't like the lake. I was afraid it was going to be too cold for you but you seemed to love it.

We headed up north for Father's Day weekend. Your Grandpa and Great Grandma Adams watched you while I went to a reception. Your grandpa loves you so much. The two of you played for hours and he layed on the bed next to your pack-n-play until you fell asleep for the night. Father's Day morning, we woke up and took Grandpa Adams out to breakfast then headed back home so you could spend the rest of the day with your daddy.

We're trying to explore the parks around Columbus. Our favorite so far is Liberty Park in Powell. Although it doesn't have baby swings (your favorite) it does have something most parks don't... a Splash Park!!! Your daddy and I took you there Sunday afternoon then headed over to Rita's for some italian ice (sorry, no ice cream for you).

Well, Camden...The invitations have been sent and the planning is done. The next letter I write will be for your one year birthday. Although I'm looking forward to this milestone, when I think about the actual day, my eyes fill with tears. I can't belive that in just a few short weeks my little guy will technically be considered a toddler! I hope you know that no matter how old you get, you will always be my precious baby boy. I love you.

Other exciting things that happened this month:

1. You had your 1st pool party - You and Cole....

2. 1st time at Chuck-E-Cheese

3. 1st train ride at the zoo


Christina said...

Tubes are great...Claire had them and Lauren has them now. It makes such a difference. Hope they help Camden too!

Michelle said...

It has been almost one year already!?! Time sure does fly. Camden looks like he is loving life! He is so adorable.