Sunday, July 5, 2009


A few weeks back, Camden had an allergic reaction to a dairy free cupcake while at daycare. After reviewing the ingredients of the cupcake we were pretty convinced that he had a peanut allergy. However, the results of the allergy test came back and it turns out that Camden is allergic to milk and eggs. The first thing I said to the doctor was, "Milk and Eggs...I can handle that. I'm so glad it's not peanuts".

I'd still rather it be these two things over peanuts but at the time I was thinking milk and eggs... Not milk and eggs and everything that goes along with it. Do you know how many foods have milk and/or eggs in them? Do you know how many foods are processed in a plant with eggs and milk? I took me three stores to find spaghetti noodles that didn't have the words "Processed in a plant with eggs" printed on the box. And the price off these foods...We just paid $4 for eight slices of soy cheese and $1.50 for one little cup of milk free/egg free yogurt. I was looking forward to Camden transitioning from formula to milk but after seeing the price of soy milk... I just had to laugh. Regular whole milk is around $1.98 a gallon. Soy milk- it’s a little less than $4.00 for a ½ gallon. Now the good news is Camden has had foods that list milk as an ingredient (Goldfish, puffs, etc) and hasn’t had a reaction so for now we plan to cut out all foods containing milk and slowing incorporate certain those foods back into his diet after further discussion with his pediatrician. As for the egg allergy, we’re cutting that out completely. He’s only had one item containing egg and it made him break out into hives....enough said. Hey – at least he can have peanut butter!

Any suggestions on milk free/egg free snacks (besides veggies/fruit) would be greatly appreciated!


Shey said...

Oh that stinks that Camden has allergies!!! We buy the Silk soy milk all the time - their very vanilla is ammmmmmazing and we also love the chocolate light milk. Not sure about pita bread but what about hummus and pita squares as a snack?

Michelle said...

Oh goodness, poor Camden. I hope he is feeling better now! Will he always have the allergie to eggs or does the doctor think he may grow out of it?
I'm sure that had to be so stressful for you trying to figure out what he was allergic to! I'm glad it wasn't peanuts, too! :)