Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camden - 28 months...

Camden -

You have got to be the most precious little guy ever! You have grown so much over the past few months. Your speech and the words you say just blow your daddy and I away.

Things you love at this point – basketball, golf, Mickey Mouse, trains and race cars! Oh, how you love race cars. When we’re driving down the road you say, “Mommy faster”, or “Mommy go/stop”. It makes your daddy and I laugh. And when you play with your race cars you love to crash them into each other. I keep reminding you that you are not allowed to be a racecar driver – It’s too dangerous.

One of the funniest moments recently occurred at the dinner table. The three of us were sitting there and all of a sudden your daddy and I heard something. We looked at you and you said, “I burped”. It was funny, because you didn’t actually burp, you had gas….loud gas! The three of us sat there laughing for a good five minutes.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at your Great Aunt Charlotte’s house. You had so much fun playing with your cousins. You were the youngest one, but that didn’t stop you from wrestling with them. I should mention that your daddy and I have been very hesitant when it comes to you wrestling, because you’ve been getting into trouble at daycare for tackling and pushing, but since it was a holiday and you were having so much fun we decided it was okay.

Your Aunt Maya, Uncle Pat, Zane and Jude arrived in Decatur Friday afternoon. I was a little nervous as to how you would react to Baby Jude, but was pleasantly surprised when you didn’t mind me holding or feeding him. And was even more surprised when you shared your Monkey and Mickey Mouse with him…

You and Zane had so much fun playing together and running around the “circle” at Grandma and Grandpa L’s house. You guys ran around it for a good half hour while we watched. At one point your Uncle Pat started hiding and scaring you guys. You loved it!

You came away from the weekend looking like you were in a boxing match. First, on Thanksgiving night, you were doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing. When your daddy caught you, you ran away from him laughing and fell into a small TV, bruising and scratching your cheek. Then on Friday, you and Zane were chasing each other and you fell right into the corner of a wall which gave you a horrible black eye. I think I was more upset than you were. When I ran over to you, you cried for about two minutes and then wanted down to play. All I wanted to do is hold you! We do have some memorable pics from the weekend!

Major changes are heading your way after the holidays. First, you’re moving up to a new class at daycare - Hello potty training and hello big boy cups!!! Either before or after that, when you’re your big boy room is done , you’ll be moving in to a new room and into a big boy bed. I’m a little nervous about the big boy bed for two reasons. One you love you your crib and two it’s so easy. We just put you in there and you go to sleep. You’ve never attempted to climb out…yet. When you move over, I have a feeling you’re not going to stay in bed. Instead, you’re going to want to play or something. I guess we’ll see what happens soon enough.

Camden, just know that with all the changes heading you’re way, I love you and we’ll get through them together!



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