Sunday, December 12, 2010

28 Weeks!!!

Ethan -

28 weeks - I can’t believe it. This pregnancy seems to be going by so fast. It didn’t feel like it was going fast enough when I was suffering from horrible morning sickness, but when I think about the fact that you’ll be here in about 12 weeks…oh my! Your daddy and I have so much to do before your arrival. My original plan was to move your big brother into his “big boy” room December 1st. That didn’t happen. Right now, the room is gutted…I guess that’s a start. Before we move him in, we have to lay the new floor, paint the walls and ceiling, and install the new fan and closet organizer. Not too much right? After we move him over, we’re starting your room! Your daddy and I finally agreed on bedding for your room and plan to repaint the nursery especially for you. With your daddy traveling so much for work and Christmas quickly approaching, I’m not sure when we’re going to get it all done, but we will! I just want everything to be perfect and in place before you arrive!

My pregnancy with you has been completely different than with your big brother. The morning sickness was more intense and lasted well into my 22nd week. In addition, you’re sitting so low! When we had our ultrasound they told us you were breach and I think you still are! I guess we’ll find out when we see you during our 4D ultrasound – which I can’t wait for!

As for your big brother, I think he’s starting to realize change is coming. I’ve started to calling him my big boy, but every time I do he says, “No Mommy, I’m a baby”. Really it’s cute because I will also consider you both to be my babies but at the same time, I was hoping to start calling him my big boy so he would be more excited about moving over to a big boy bed and about potty training. So far, he still loves his crib and doesn’t have much interest in using the potty. We’ll see, hopefully this changes soon…Really he doesn’t have a choice…

Your little cousin Jude was born recently and we met him over Thanksgiving weekend. Camden was so good with him and even shared his monkey and Mickey Mouse which is a really big deal! He doesn’t like to share all that much, especially monkey and Mickey!

Anyway, I’m so excited to see the two of you together. Hopefully, your big
brother adjusts quickly when you arrive.

We’re all excited to meet you soon!



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Keira said...

Dear little Ethan growing inside mommy's belly...the McGlone Family can't wait to meet you! You have a little friend named Aiden who can't wait to play basketball with you - one of his and your big brother, Cam's, favorite sports. :)