Monday, January 21, 2008

And so it begins...

Brian and I started looking for baby items that we will soon needs in our home. Our main reason for going was to look for nursery furniture but we had fun looking at other items too. We looked at highchairs, strollers, car seats, and swings. I showed Brian the type of bottles I would like to use and which stroller I would prefer. We even took a quick look at diaper bags. He basically said he would carry anything I need him to! Isn’t he sweet? :) I’m so happy that Brian is just as excited as I am to pick out the items our baby will need.

Back to the furniture…Going in, I thought we had an idea of what we were looking for but after going up and down the isles, I realized…we really have no idea! I like white furniture because I feel a baby’s room should be bright and full of color but at the same time I really like the mahogany furniture which goes along with the rest of the house (I could always accent with bright colors). All in all, we didn’t really find anything that stood out. Actually…that’s not true, we found a two tone crib and matching dresser with straight lines and no carvings at Babies R Us (white and mahogany) but it cost a lot more than we want to spend. We have another store we’re going to try to get to this weekend so hopefully we see something we like.

Morning sickness update…
I’m starting to feel better but I’m still not 100%. I was able to make it through a recruiting event at the KD house on Saturday which I wouldn’t have been able to do a week ago. I still feel sick 1st thing in the morning and evenings are just terrible. The bright side – at least it’s not lasting the entire day. 11 weeks today! Hopefully, I’ll be feeling even better in a few weeks!

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Maya said...

You guys are WAY ahead! I couldn't get myself or Pat to step into Babies R Us until I was at the end of my second trimester. It was way overwhelming for us! Ha!

Look at furniture lots of places. That store can have some pretty expensive stuff!

You may not feel 100% better till about 6 months after baby is born! But it'll get better in a different way hopefully!