Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our 1st Prenatal Appointment…

Brian and I had our 1st prenatal appointment on Tuesday. We were looking forward to hearing our little one’s heartbeat but instead we had the pleasure of having another ultrasound! Neither one of us could believe the difference between the 1st ultrasound and the 2nd. Our baby is so much bigger…not a little dot on the screen anymore. Our little one is actually starting to look human. This may sound funny, but considering the fact that all we saw during the 1st one was a dot that appeared to be a heart beating, this second picture we have of our little one it’s truly amazing! What’s even more amazing…we saw him/her move! I can’t wait until I can actually feel it.

During the past year, I used to wonder how I would feel pregnant. The idea of something growing inside me scared me some days and made me smile others. I know it’s funny but I used to think it would feel like an alien was growing inside me. So how do I feel now that I am pregnant? Well, the alien part went away but the other feelings remain. I’m still scared and still smiling but my reasons for both are different now.

I’m going to use the word amazing a lot through this pregnancy because that’s the only word I can think of to describe what we’re going through.

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