Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boy or Girl...

It’s funny – everyone has their own opinion/guess on what we’re having. One friend is 2-0 on guessing what his friends are having and he says we’re having a boy (no reason, just a feeling). A coworker of mine guessed another coworker was having twin girls before they had their 1st ultrasound and he says we’re having girl. His reason – I have bad morning sickness and bad morning sickness means it’s a girl. Actually a lot of people have said this but I have a neighbor lost 15 pounds with her 1st child due to morning sickness and she had a boy. Another coworker was positive we were having a girl but changed her mind when I said I gained an inch in my waist but nothing in my lower abdomen. Evidently, if you carry the baby high…it’s a boy. I will say, most people have guessed that we’re having a boy.

By my calculations, we should find out what we’re having during our appointment in April. Maybe we’ll just keep the sex of or baby a secret for a little while after we find out! It’s kind of funny to hear what people have to say and why….

Morning sickness update:
So far, it's not getting any better.....

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