Monday, October 18, 2010

20 weeks – Tomorrow’s the day!

Tomorrow at 11am we find out if you are a girl or a boy! I am so excited and so nervous at the same time. I can’t wait to start calling you by your name. If you’re a girl, we have a name picked out. If you’re a boy…well, I have a name picked out but your daddy isn’t 100% on board with it. I’m also looking forward to picking out your bedding and deciding on a design for your room. Yes, even if you’re a boy we’re redoing the nursery for you. Some people think we’re crazy but it is important to me and to your daddy that you have your own identity and your own space from the start. As for being nervous, I’m nervous because tomorrow is also the day that the doctor takes all of your measurements and confirms that you are healthy and everything is going well. I know everything is okay, but it still makes me nervous. Mom’s are allowed to worry!

As for your gender and what everyone thinks, at this point it’s 50/50 - 50% are saying you’re a boy because it seems like boys run in the family - your daddy, Uncle Pat, Zane, Camden, and Jude. The other 50% are saying girl because well some think the Laurent’s are due for a girl. As for the others… well, when you’re pregnant with your second, everyone always thinks you’re pregnant with the opposite of what you had the first time.

I will say the pencil test says you are a boy. Leslie and Andrea have preformed this little test on me twice at work and both times – boy! As for the Chinese Conception Chart is says you’re a girl, but it also said your brother was supposed to be a girl.

Everyone keeps asking me if I have a feeling and I do. I guess we’ll see if my mother’s intuition is right! All I know for sure is that as long as the doctor says you are growing and things are progressing the way they should, I will be one happy mommy!

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