Thursday, December 27, 2007

December 2, 2007 – We’re expecting!

Santa brought Brian and I exactly what we wanted for Christmas! We’re having a baby! Can you believe it? I’m still trying to take it all in.

How I found out….
The week before I took the test I was feeling exhausted and dizzy at times. I truly thought nothing of this. I thought it was due to working 2 jobs and getting ready for the holidays. I had previously taken pregnancy tests when I was a day late and had been disappointed. I promised myself that I would start waiting a couple days instead of just one. I was supposed to call my doctor Friday (tentative start date) and schedule my first round of tests to see if anything was wrong (since we had been trying for 8mths). I never got the opportunity. I took the test Sunday morning and got a BFP! Two lines…immediately. I couldn’t believe it. I just keep looking down at the test. My hands were shaking and I started crying. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening.

How I told Brian…
Throughout the past eight months I had planned how I would tell Brian and how we would tell our family and friends. Most of those carefully thought out plans went out the window the minute I saw the test….starting with how I told Brian. First of all, I had planned to take the test when he wasn’t home. That didn’t happen. He was home (although he didn’t know I was taking the test) and our friend Tim was also at our home. I probably should have waited to take the test until Tim left but I couldn’t wait. As soon as I saw the two lines I called Brian up to the bathroom. I couldn’t say anything, I just pointed. His response, “Are you serious? Take another test”. He then gave me a kiss and went back downstairs. I took a shower like I had planned. After my shower I went downstairs and noticed Tim gathering his things. Typically, I would have yelled at him for leaving so early but not that day. That day I was happy he was leaving early because Brian and I had so much to talk about. As soon as Tim left, Brian asked if I had taken another test. My response was no because I didn’t have to go to the bathroom! Neither one of us new what to do or say, we just smiled and sat on the couch until I could take another test. When I did…two lines immediately. I came downstairs and said, “I think we’re having a baby”.

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