Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Year's Resolution....

I usually don’t make a New Year’s Resolution and if I do, I usually don't keep it. This year's going to be different. I going to make myself keep this one. My New Year’s Resolution for 2008 is to slow down and take in the moments that really count.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve realized that I need to slow down. Not everything has to be rush, rush, rush or done at a particular moment: dishes can wait, laundry can wait. I need to take things in and savor moments that really count.

I came to this realization last Saturday when Hannah stayed the night with Brian and I. Saturday morning, Brian made breakfast and then Hannah and I made cookies. Right after we were done I started cleaning the kitchen while Brian and Hannah went outside to build a snowman. From the kitchen I could hear them laughing and carrying on. Why wasn’t I outside building a snowman with them? Why was I inside cleaning and vacuuming? Is this how it’s going to be when we have kids; me inside cleaning and Brian outside having fun, creating memories? NO! I want to be outside. I want to help make those memories. That’s when I dropped the washcloth, left the remaining dishes in the sink, grabbed the camera and headed outside to take some pictures and join them in a snowball fight.

When I figure out how to post pics I’ll share some from that morning!

Here’s to resolutions that really count!

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