Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hospital Tour – done!

Last night Brian and I were able to mark another item off our “Before Camden Comes – To Do List”….. Hospital Tour – done!

We’ve decided to have Camden at Dublin Methodist Hospital - It the newest hospital in Columbus/Dublin, the hospital closest to the house, and the hospital my company helped build. Although the person giving the tour wasn’t very knowledgeable about the entire maternity floor the other nurses were very helpful when questions were being asked. At one point not many questions were being asked and the nurse did seem to understand why. I spoke up and mentioned that it was probably because most of us have no idea what to expect. From then on a couple of the veteran mom’s started asking questions…Questions I wouldn’t have even thought to ask.

I was a little disappointed with the size of the actually nursery. It looked like it could hold maybe 3 babies and there was no rocking chair. Most of the hospitals I’ve been to have a fairly large nursery and a rocking chair for the nurses to use when caring for the newborns. The nurse said it was because they encourage mothers to keep the babies in the rooms. Brian and I had already planning on keeping Cam in the room most of the time so I guess the nursery shouldn’t be an issue anyway. It just bothered me a bit.

As for the rooms – they are amazing. They are equipped with two TV’s – one for me (the larger one) and one for guests, a refrigerator and wireless internet. They have recently installed computers for the patients use but we’re not sure if they will be up and running before Cam is born. The room is also arranged so guests can stay in the room while the doctor is examining me. The entire hospital has so much sunlight and the décor is relaxing. They even have an outdoor garden on the maternity floor that we can use during our stay. I’ve attached some photo’s of the hospital where our little one will be born. Next step - Labor and Delivery Class!

I can’t believe he will be here in less than 2 months!!


Collage of pics...

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