Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OSU/Michigan Weekend!!!!

First a side note – Our pictures are saved to our personal computer and the internet is hooked up to my work computer, because of this I haven’t been posting as often as I would like. The reason – I like to post pictures to go along with what I write. But from now on I’m going to blog and then come back and post pictures.

What a great weekend – Camden and I “celebrated” his 1st OSU/Michigan game with Laurel, Jason, Cole and some other friends, while Brian headed down to campus to tailgate. We started the morning off by sending pic text of Camden wearing his “Poop on Michigan” shirt to some friends and family. He was so excited. He was even smiling in the picture! I’m brainwashing my child! Not only has he worn an OSU every Saturday since he was born (football season) but I made him wear this “Poop on Michigan” shirt twice last week and he made a “Stomp on Michigan” art project at daycare. He’s either going to love OSU or rebel and love Michigan! Anyway, OSU really did stomp on Michigan this year. I’ve never seen them so bad. (BTW - Abbey and Tim - we missed you!)

After the game and after we all realized Penn State was going to win their game and OSU would probably not be going to the Rose Bowl, Camden and I head home. Before bed, I changed Camden into the Penn State outfit and sent a pic text to is G-ma and G-pa Laurent with the words “Go Big Ten!”. Terri and Terry called and said it looks like I beat him before putting on the outfit. I told them actually as soon as I put it on his started pooping! HA!

On Sunday, my dad, grandma and aunt came to visit. My dad is so cute with Camden. He brought him a new outfit and book. When he gave it to me I could see he was a little teary eyed. I can tell he loves Camden so much. When he visits he doesn’t put Camden down. Even when Camden gets fussy, my dad just holds him and rocks him until he calms down. I love seeing the two of the bond. I have a cute picture that Brian took of the two of them sleeping on the couch. While my dad was holding Camden, the rest of us played Wii Bowling. All in all it was a great weekend!

Blurry cell pic but still cute!
Camden in his "Poop on Michigan" shirt

Camden with the guys!


Shey said...

dude we are getting a wii for Xmas!!! I'm so excited! I cant wait for bowling :)

Michelle said...

I LOVE the picture of the boys! That is classic! Are they cousins or friends?